Wondering what is next here?


Si says
Seth 2016-05-10 13:01:42 [item 20915#51939]
not clear … we seem to have lost our developer.  i pointed to some of the problems … maybe i can fix them … maybe i wont. 
nathan 2016-05-10 13:03:54 [item 20915#51940]
I have no idea what you mean by “lost your developer”. Perhaps that is a localized phenomena in your verse.   
Seth 2016-05-10 13:14:10 [item 20915#51944]
lots of the stuff you left me with doesn’t work for what i wanted to do with it …  nor is it sufficient to propagate … it is mostly deficient compared to  other available tools.  you were the developer,  Nathan.  and as far as i can tell you are just gone from this verse … discarded … no value  … no longer exciting.
Apparently it is a localized phenomena and you are full of shit.

Start by realizing that everything you wrote there is bullshit, forget it, and start over with what you actually do want to experience and leave the rest behind … then you will be well on your way to what you actually want instead of a pile of shit, which does not exist in the verses I travel in.

Then, I will be in the same verse you are and happily working with you.