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" ... Pristine Realities evolve to Symbols; Logic, Language, Logos emanates from the Father, not from Nothing except as it seems, of Tertulian pee; thus "The Heart girt with a Serpent" has parallels in Ontogeny & Phylogeny.  If you want to dunk your doughnut, go ahead & dunk it!  "it is a lie, this folly against self" - Awareness, Attention is the function of the Ego;  Brightness, Brilliance, Luminosity which is measured by Photons increase with Development.

(2462) CONSCIOUSNESS is awareness of the part which self takes in production of a judgment either as cause or effect - cause when I act on another, effect when I act on myself, when my hand touches my head, e.g., "I am a cause - active consciousness;  passive consciousness - I am an effect".  Believe a cause exists without an effect or vice versa if you like to be mystifyied.  The categories of Reality are: number, space, motion, time & judgment;  if it be a thing it must have unity, it must be one, or it does not exist. Also it must have extension, speed, persistence & consciousness;  these cats or essentials are independent but concomitant; the thing is its component essentials; there is no "ding an sich".  From here we can go to the subject of "Electricity" & what happens to make it positive or negative, the yang & the yin!"


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Seth says

the thing is its component essentials; there is no "ding an sich"

GW – i presume

i agree.  i noticed this when i was inventing mentography.  there is actually nothing to put inside the circles.  all is established by their relationships to other circles.  the only thing the circle is, is an identity.  that and nothing more.  the prsumption is, that outside that mind, that identity represents the ding .

Seth says
Seth 2016-05-18 09:00:21 [item 20932#52127]
a “noumenon” is **by definition** that which is inside the membrane of self.   it is inside not outside.  “sensing” is the name of how something outside gets represented inside. 
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-18 10:04:09 [item 20932#52132]
Not so according to the wikipedia:

 is a posited object or event that is known (if at all) without the use of ordinary sense-perception.[1][2] The term noumenon is generally used in contrast with, or in relation to phenomenon, which refers to anything that can be apprehended by, or is an object of the senses

Seth 2016-05-18 10:35:29 [item 20932#52138]
you quote the very essence of that which i said … denying it laughing.  

hint: the only way you get to what is referred to as “noumenon” is to stay within your head … to stay within the membrane that is your self also called ego.  or as the popular meme goes:  “Look within” … er, no sense involved.
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-18 10:38:56 [item 20932#52139]
You are assuming that knowing necessarily is inside a mind & your Ego.  Maybe? Maybe NOT!laughing
Seth 2016-05-18 10:51:33 [item 20932#52141]
yes i am thumbs up.   Can you describe an actual example of where that is not the case?
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-18 11:17:32 [item 20932#52144]
the prepositions inside & outside etc. need some focus & definition & grok. A klein bottle for example has only one surface – no inside/outside applies.
yes, of course and good point, but the inside and outside of perception is also modeled quite nicely with a sphere.   What examples can be modeled better with a Kline Bottle?  I see no particular reason to choose a Kline bottle over a sphere.  And even if what is inside in some places is also outside in others, there is still the function of getting information from one side of the membrane to the other – whichever figure we choose wel will still need to grock the nature of that function.  that function is called “sensing” – and it happens in whatever channel is available: visual, auditory, … astral …  clairvoyance … intuition … direct perception … etc.  I claim those last ones are not going through the membrane of the ego at all, but rather just conveying knowledge from one place inside the membrane of the ego to another place still inside … rather than perpendicularly  though the surface itself.   

Now of course that is just a mathematical model … a representation … a map … or even an analogy … and not the thing itself.   But that is the way these models are designed to be used – we can read things off the model and then go look at the reality and see if they also happen there.

Mark de LA says
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-18 14:45:40 [item 20932#52148]
Enjoy your claims – i’ll have none of them. Just because you model with some shape & it fits your theory does not mean anything if it is modeled with another shape or none at all. 
Seth 2016-05-18 14:52:18 [item 20932#52149]
well of course not, whatever that was suppose to mean.  

but modeling is an excellent way of thinking … we construct a model, and then read off what it predicts will happen … then we go test what actually does happen and see if it matches.   this is one of the methods in our arsenal to work against “The apparent randomness of thoughts”.
Well if I modeled your face in dog shit that would probably be OK/congruent because you always seem to say
MIB Dog Poop Alien costume statue

Seth says
maybe that ⬆︎is  a better image for #aug 

Mark de LA says
maybe keep to the subject.

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