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Of particular interest is rackets & winning formulas (now strong suit) : Landmark (LEC) was the progeny of Werner Erhard’s EST.
Of particular these two distinctions of human behavior effect the interaction of people with other people.
Seth & I have our divergent & sometimes convergent rackets & winning formulas as a result of limited social interaction outside of schools in our formative years.  We both developed an almost polar opposite approach & yet we both ended up at PJ2 & are still talking on fastblogit. thumbs uproseheart


Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-05-27 00:38:10 [item 20965#52409]
Long ago I have noticed that i am not open and natural with people socially, especially strangers.   In social situations i tend to introvert, avoid expressing myself, and don’t really care what others are expressing … and in general am ineffective and don’t have any fun.   Yet i notice that many others seem quite natural in these situations and are quite joyously effective.   I have been struggling with this all my adult life.  I think now i am becoming more natural with others … but progress is slow … and it is hard not to fall back on my old social habits.

Mark, do you notice similar social habits?   If so, how have you adapted to them?
Much of it. With age comes some wisdom, some times. I find that I have much more interesting stuff going on than many people I meet. Shyness is an Ego protection adaptation; probably a safeguard to avoid exposing that one is full of shit.  You are asking about my winning formula a la the Landmark lingo.  I have a pattern which stems from a deep feeling that I don’t know enough.  I have encountered many others who have the same pattern.  It keeps me always seeking & transforming & inventing on my own.  Most of the original pattern is gone &/or I don’t give a shit about it any longer – I quit jousting that there is anything wrong with me because of my childhood.