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From RS on the Foundation Stone Meditation

For Rudolf Steiner said that the building was to be a place in which the soul of man could find the spirit. He also said that the Goetheanum and the content of Anthroposophy formed an inward unity – they were related as a nut to its shell. The forms corresponded – in fact he once compared the forms of the Goetheanum with the cake mould in which a pound cake (Napfkuchen) is baked. He gave a precise description of these relationships when he spoke about the spiritual formative forces. He said these were forces ‘which live in the spirit, and have the power to impress themselves on that which surrounds us as a sheath in our building.’

On another occasion he said that the building was a living word, an organ of speech for the spirit, a signpost to the spirit. He summed up the Goetheanum when he called it a ‘House of Speech’ (Haus der Sprache’). This House of Speech was visible on the earth. Now that it has been destroyed by fire, it can be found I the spiritual world as an Imagination. It is, in fact, a task of modern humanity to concern itself inwardly with it in Imaginations.