We and society ARE what is happening.


a friend of mine posted this meme on facebook

i think it says the same thing i said above. 


Mark de LA says
Society is still a mungeous word which catches any crap people want to assign to others as its meaning. 

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-06-02 11:28:18 [item 20984#52580]
Mark de LA 2016-06-02 13:46:26 [item 20984#52581]
I asked T what she thought of “I go with what is happening” means.  Her best guess was you go with what has the least resistance.  I said you said it wasn’t “I go with the flow” so that was what happened.  
Seth 2016-06-02 14:01:18 [item 20984#52583]
yep the sentence can have two different interpretations … no doubt about it.  that is only too frequently what happens with natural language.   but i am telling what interpretation the author of the sentence intended and that was not it.

incidentally your interpertation of my claim, when applied to a the group of us and what that cooperation creates,  as stated in this thought, would be quite a different claim … it might even be  be false … think about it …  when have you noticed society always taking the easy way out? … when has it naturally waited for just the right moment before progressing to the next stage?  Think perhaps about the Affordable Care Act … certainly something that was forced for which all the prerequisites were not present.  Or perhaps think about  Bush’s invasion of Iraq.  Our society did both of those … they were what happened … were they going with the flow?  ← i think not.
Yep you redefine & remunge meanings to your own taste. Enjoy the flow & the glow of the goo! 

Seth says
Society is still a mungeous word which catches any crap people want to assign to others as its meaning. 

… which of course is true of any name.  for example look at all the “crap” you have assigned to “bozo” … or “obama” … or “liberal”.   On the other hand once we have a name for a thing we can start the process of thinking about it … without a name a thing cannot logically enter our consciousness.  

So I keep wondering why every time i use names like “we”, “society”, “culture”, or “humanity”,  you do this tilt against the use of the words themselves.   You never even seem to want to think about the things themselves … it really seems like you don’t even want to be aware of them … maybe if it is outside of your self, you do not care about it, and whatever anybody else says about it you regard as just their “shit” … i don’t know, you tell me … but what you keep doing here is very startling from the outside. 

Do you think these things exist or not ?

Seth says
Mark de LA 2016-06-03 08:26:22 [item 20984#52586]
Ran into a better “map” of your thought processes this am on fb: 
use the same contours but switch the subject.  Maybe this: 
  • you have a very tiny bit of access to all of the consciousness of society, culture, humanity which are as large as everyone that exists & perhaps ever existed.

It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others.
        – John Holmes
Read more at:

  • An abstraction like society & culture exists only in the mind – sort of like pellick for those fans of the comic Jonathan Winters ‘s early works.
  • Painting all of society or some definite group from society or culture with the properties you assign to it is crap – your senses can’t find the entire group. 
  • Such would be like sitting on the Moon & claiming the Universe is made of Blue Cheese.
  • I prefer that you talk about yourself – such is more authentic & leave me out of your characterizations & Ego pontifications

Seth 2016-06-03 11:33:13 [item 20984#52587]
lol re the map … i saw it too laugh.
  • it is certainly true that each individual is aware only of the small part of “the consciousness of society, culture, or humanity” thumbs up
  • re abstract nouns:  we think in patterns and we point to them with what can be called “abstractions” … to say something tangable about a class of things we can always use examples … the more, the merrier.   we should always know that an example does not imply that everything in the class is exactly like that example.   shouting derisively “abstraction” every time one points to a general pattern is to deride thinking itself.  i suggest think and talk with  what has been working … but sure try not to avoid the errors that we can fall into.   Shouting “ABSTRACTION!” everytime somone points to the pattern (or spirit) we call “society” serves to propagandize against society … it does not rationally add to the conversation … but it does distract from our awareness of this important spirit. 
  • We must be able to think and talk about that which we are together, that which we create together, that being which we are together.  Degrading our ability to do so is a self wallowing fuck up!
  • Everyone knows that what anybody says about that, of which they are a miniscule part, is only their personal view … only their opinion.   So what?  that is just the way the ball bounces.  That fact should  not automatically discredit their message.
  • I prefer to talk about myself too, for then i am on quit firm groud.   But i am not just me, i am a part of this grand happening … of it i will speak when i say rings true.   I am me … and i am part of society … guess which is the more important to me.  Hear what i have to say or not … but you have no ground to judge it as you have been doing ← that is just your own ego pontification or ego fight with me and is just a distraction from what i am saying.
Mark de LA 2016-06-03 11:58:41 [item 20984#52588]
Too full of birdies to parse – enjoy the flow, enjoy the glow , enjoy the Egoo – enjoy the goo & your own judging rwgoo. 
Well your not listening to any message that points to what we are together … “we” … is the very kind of shit that corrupts your thinking.   Shove it up your ass.

Seth says
Mark de LA 2016-06-03 12:08:10 [item 20984#52589]
Basically, when I hear a politician make some pronouncement of what society or “WE” is about or wants or is like I brush it off as just stupid pandering for an audience. The editorial WE fools only the fools. April & tax day are gone as well. Will be glad when he is gone too! laughing
well when a politician uses the word “we” it usually is just their narrative.  they are leading the narrative … trying to get people to think just like they are thinking.  when a voice in your head speaks to you,  it says “I” speaking for your being … when a leader speaks to the people she wants to be together on something, she uses the  pronoun “we” … “We should do this!” … “We value this … we value that.” …. that is the correct pronoun to use.   Ask: what if you were not allowed to say “I” to yourself … what if that name, that pointer, was just not invented?   How would that effect your thinking about yourself … about your individuality … about your being?   You are espousing doing that same destruction of awareness with our being together. 

Seth says
Mark de LA 2016-06-03 14:58:10 [item 20984#52591]
You haven’t either – in fact you only assume that I am in the WE you grasp for mentally to back up your shit as something together. enjoy the flow, enjoy the glow , enjoy the Egoo – enjoy the goo & your own judging rwgoothumbs down
but i do not assume that you are in the “we” that i refer to when i actually use that word.   and i have told you that very clearly  every time you bring up that objection.   “We” points to a group, the membership of which is voluntary … opt in … or opt out.   If what i say with the subject of “we” does not apply to you,  then fine, just opt out of the group

Take for example my statement above:  “We are what is happening!” …. i quite expect you to say,  “nope” … and in fact i would agree with you …. We are not happening! … nope … no cooperation … no understanding … no building of anything together with me.   We are not happening!   Got it?   But there is nothing to deride with my use of the word we.

Mark de LA says
tuit some other day

Seth says
Mark de LA 2016-06-03 15:15:38 [item 20984#52593]
You are lost trying to explain bullshit with bullshit. I know the editorial WE. I know it doesn’t fool anyone except fools. laughing Just because someone repeats the WE over & over again doesn’t mean there is anything of value or any truth or beauty in it.  Go listen to some KKK recruitment speeches if you doubt it.
Seth 2016-06-03 15:27:35 [item 20984#52596]
agreed yes.   just like Trump saying over and over again … Hillary is crooked …. she lies … OHH how  she lies!  it does  not make it true in any objective sense … at best it just conditions people who just pick up his vibration because they like how it makes them feel in the balls.  “We” can be used the same way … i like totally agree.   Incidentally you can do the same thing with “I” … say it over and over to yourself … meditate on it … pretty soon you will start believeing that it exists.  That is the way language works … personally … and in society at large. 
Mark de LA 2016-06-03 15:44:56 [item 20984#52597]
Yeah, must be the way language works for you. Keep running your “I don’t exist” mantra & maybe you won’t & the pain will go away . laughing
Well i do believe language works the same way for you.   Representing something changes my relationship to  it … it makes me more aware of it in a certain way … it give me a handel on it.  Now, sometimes the representation gets confused with the thing itself … errors happen, so what.  Alternatively not being able to represent something will make it almost impossible to become aware of.  As far as i can tell that is just the way the human mind works … there are so many examples that it is kind of stupid to even enumerate them … but there are no examples of the opposite. 

incidentally i do not keep running, “i don’t exist” … rather the opposite, i am always publicly representing my insides and even my outsides.  the membrane exists.  it is porous and i can consider it separating  whatever  it practically can.  Since you lied about me … let me propose one about you … yours is not porous at all,  and is only deep deep inside your subjective being where it cannot be shared with us out here at all.   it is just your little tiny personal thingey … like a scatoma … i am glad if you keep it to yourself. 


Seth says
Seth 2016-06-04 07:23:55 [item 20984#52600]
Society is still a mungeous word which catches any crap people want to assign to others as its meaning.

Strangely enough there is another famous abstract word which has that very same identical quality surprise.
Mark de LA 2016-06-04 10:31:23 [item 20984#52616]
Urban dictionary:

In reference to the M. Knight Shyamalan film, The Happening. The word, "happening" is used sarcastically in context. If something is "happening" it sucks, is boring, is stupid or is a flat out waste of your time.
Wow, this party is really happening right now.

Now, that's happening.

I was refering to the terms  on the other side of the copula … “we” and/or “society”.   You know, the ones you claim “catch any crap people want to assign to them”.   But there is another abstract term which people hang off of any shit that they want for their own agenda.   Apparently you have not guessed what that word is … or perhaps more likely you don’t want to take that same attitude towards using that word that you always take towards me using the words “society” and/or “we” … all deflections notwistanding  ←grin laughing