A World that exists only in Minds & whose substance, if any, is .. words. I drank a cup of coffee this morning but not in Abstractia it was in the real-material world the only place it could happen. In Abstractia I could not do that – I could only think about it & emote about it & my thinking about it. 
about = on the outside of (Etymology)
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Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-06-04 07:46:16 [item 20988#52601]

God is the ultimate abstract domain.
Mark de LA 2016-06-04 07:56:27 [item 20988#52602]
Maybe for materialists & the those on the lower echelon of consciousness. God is indeed a word – a name. See GW’s Liber M mentioned in ZZv3 (p.343) To grok beyond that will certainly need something outside of Abstractia. 
Seth 2016-06-04 08:00:38 [item 20988#52603]
surprise Wow, look at all the “mungeous crap you to assignd to others as its meaning” laughing
Better take some pills – get well soon – vomiting only produces stink & a mess to clean up later. Maybe get some consciousness outside of your piles on piles of words.

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-06-04 08:05:15 [item 20988#52605]
A more direct  sentence to which it is harder to assign such “munguous crap to” is  …

We are what is happening, we are the ultimate being. 


Mark de LA 2016-06-04 08:07:59 [item 20988#52606]
… & back to what made you sick in the first place.  happening & being are different – hence 2 words – 2 different meanings.
Seth 2016-06-04 08:09:14 [item 20988#52608]
can you distinguish between happening and being?
Mark de LA 2016-06-04 08:11:01 [item 20988#52609]
Can’t you? Got other things to do this AM besides argue that …. Already did.
Seth 2016-06-04 08:22:30 [item 20988#52610]
nope, i cannot distinguish between happening and being in this context.  To me they are just two English words, waving as words do, at the same thing.  You claim that you have so distinguished … where … with what claims? 
#SSDD – I am not your research assistant – consult dictionaries etc. or just be dumb about it – your choice.

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-06-04 08:34:15 [item 20988#52612]
as we perhaps discussed before:  i prefer to unbundel the English word “being” … unmung it as you would say.   it really is a combination of the word that means to exist, “be”, … and the suffix “ing”.   Me, i take “ing” attached to a stem to turn it into a process or an on going happening.   so that “being” means “what is existing” … and that is also “what is happneing”.  So yes the two sentences mean the same thing … begging perhaps a discussion of what “ultimate” means.  

Point is that the sentences actually say something … my attitude twards us changes when i grock their truth.  These sentences are not just pissing into the wind … that you refeuse to understand them is not because of the grammar of how they are constructed … but perhaps rather because you just do not want to adopt that attitude twards us. 
Mark de LA 2016-06-04 08:46:25 [item 20988#52613]
Or because I just don’t hold them that way & you do. Trying to brow-beat your way into me will only increase the separation & both of us being pissed off more & more.
Seth 2016-06-04 08:54:36 [item 20988#52614]
okay, perhaps you do not believe the sentences even when you parse them as i did … even then, they apparently do not ring true to you.   They however ring true to me.   No brow-beating going on here … i am only trying to be perfectly clear eliminating as much confusion created by this unperfected language as possible.  If after all of that confusion has been removed between us, you still do not feel the sentences truth, then that is just what is happening … nothing left for me to say smug … why? you thought i would twist your arm laughing.
#SSDD – still rwg tone – tuit some other day. You apparently do not read what I write. thumbs down SSDDFI

#ring-true = seth version of a truth indicator or truth qualia.  Doesn’t mean it is true nor that he has discovered any truth – just means he likes what he said.  Apparently he has shifted his detector of truth from someplace else to his auditory channel – hence the “ringing” in his internal auditory channel. 

Mark de LA says
Your quote of yourself should be posted in contrived platitudes on FB.  nullnull

Mark de LA says
While seth munges a lot into the word being – it encompases existence in the following etymology:
being (n.) Look up being at Dictionary.com
c. 1300, "condition, state, circumstances; presence, fact of existing," early 14c., existence," from be + -ing. Sense of "that which physically exists, person or thing" (as in human being) is from late 14c.
An RS acolyte after attending one of Michael Hadley’s introductions to his Thursday Night Class suggested to me that Michael uses the word being the way that RS uses the word Spirit & Being – synonymously .

Seth says
… and i use it the same way. 

To be is to be be ing … we can talk of you as a verb … and then when you be like that you can be talked about as a noun … you exist.  Spirit and  existing are just the same.  If you don’t believe in existing, then you don’t believe in Spirit … and visa versa.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
then too like GW’s commentary on consciousness ( P.2621 ) 
your Me(I) may just be a collection of beings which may be the properties together which you salute & call  “I” 

Seth says
yeah good thoughts null

null Maybe new to think about ...
especially the part where there is no cause without effect … “er and visa versa” – Bozo

Mark de LA says
Wow you quoted the part that was NOT the part I was referring to:

if it be a thing it must have unity, it must be one, or it does not exist. Also it must have extension, speed, persistence & consciousness;  these cats or essentials are independent but concomitant; the thing is its component essentials; there is no "ding an sich".  From here we can go to the subject of "Electricity" & what happens to make it positive or negative, the yang & the yin!"

… presumably you grocked that cats = categories null

Seth says
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