Repugnant Ideas from a Black Slave-owner

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The new slavery is slavery to the government. One of the new slave owners (the new black plantation owners) does not decry her own black privilege living in the White House (sic.) built by slaves of the old kind. Nowadays her & her husband’s multi-million $ jet-setting vacations for themselves & their entourage is paid for by the tax-payers – little people, small businesses up to the multi-billionaires most of whom actually did things of value for other human beings & obtained the wealth productively & paid those taxes instead of just running their mouths & spreading negativity & discontent. See also 10392.
Then too there are segments of the economy that thrive on the jet-set & travel & the politico-social industrial-network complex.  If all that were gone & politicians were not advertizing & paying for votes would we have a better government or not? P.S.  I held onto this for a couple of days & it still needs exposure.
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