the entropy law and the economic process


The entropy of the physical universe increases constantly because there is a continuous and irrevocable qualitative degradation of order into chaos. The entropic nature of the economic process, which degrades natural resources and pollutes the environment, constitutes the present danger. The earth is entropically winding down naturally, and economic advance is accelerating the process. Man must learn to ration the meager resources he has so profligately squandered if he is to survive in the long run when the entropic degradation of the sun will be the crucial factor, "for suprising as it may seem, the entire stock of natural resources is not worth more than a few days of sunlight!”


  via Henry Story’s question on Facebook: “This was the Magnum Opus of Economist Georgescu-Roegen published in 1971. How do people think of this now?”

it might be interesting to link those thoughts to some others of the day …

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Mark de LA says
Mark de LA 2016-06-07 10:53:57 [item 20996#52665]
Simpler, yet is the problem that people believe this kind of horse shit!
Seth 2016-06-07 10:59:05 [item 20996#52668]
please be specific.
Mark de LA 2016-06-07 11:09:17 [item 20996#52671]
Maybe learn what entropy means in the physics department & quit applying it to human
Seth 2016-06-07 11:20:55 [item 20996#52673]
bear in mind that was Roegen’s thesis, not mine.   

in fact i do not think that the entropy of non living systems applies to living systems at all.   for example,  the complexity of non living systems decrease as time progresses … they become more homogenous.  the opposite is true of living systems … they become more diverse … they become more complex … and so does their ecology. 

life is the opposite vector to entropy. 

Seth says
Mark de LA 2016-06-07 11:27:49 [item 20996#52676]
One challenge about the economy is value & another is work or labor. Equating labor to money ruins the system of self-respect etc. Robots are now scaring people by making people think they are equivalent or will be replaced by machines who only have value but no self-respect or selfie at all. 

point is machines are doing things that previously were done by humans.  humans were trading their labor for things that they needed.  now they can no longer obtain what they need that way.  here i am mostly talking about food and shelter … real human needs.  the question is, how does what we are together adapt to this new situation?  humans still need food and shelter.   how are those who cannot trade their labor for it, obtain it anyway?  … especially since there is plenty of it to go around.

Seth says
Mark de LA 2016-06-08 10:09:56 [item 20996#52695]
Yeah, I am not scared of robots – gives more leisure time. But if jobs are the point then compost people until the ratio of jobs/people = 1 laughing
well i am not scared of robots either … they quite potentially could give me more leisure time … which, after all,  is why what we are together is making them.  

Jobs are not the point … the real human needs of food and shelter so that humans can have more leisure time is the point smug heart.   your joke notwistanding laughing