The Wet Noodle Effect

between my subjective insides and the world of others …

work in progress … to be continued …

hmmm … i wonder what thought number this will be ...


Seth says
some evidence that this effect happens to others …
Nope! Too much work for too little reward. Like I have the wallaby . Anyone else can play with it & learn as you play & go. 

Seth says
tripping on the prime components  numbers of thought 21021


Seth says
aka, not 11 … this thought represents how never arriving at a shared moment feels … it represents the qualia.

note that a tonic is like a chord, a key, that we are always looking for resolution within. 

now the appearance of thoughts here at fastblogit inadvertantly at thought numers that can be decomposed into simpler ones is absolutely a superstition and i do not intend to give it any credance.  but it is as fun to play with as any other kind of divination.  and so i will do it maybe. 

this one is peculair … 7^2 means that we are talking deep spirit … deep sujective … deep inside.   the 3 factor means that there is transformation but it is weak compared to the square of spirit.  11 is the desired tonic … it is the outside … what can be shared …. that is never reached via a wet noodle.   13 … well 13 may well be the negative aspect of ego … i don’t know … haven’t assigned primes up that high.   ← does that kind of analysis sound familure? … hint, read GW’s documents when he interperts a hex.