Pellick triage

Hiding one’s head in the sand or up one’s ass – samo-samo. 
This moved where it content & context deemed it as jibberish
Seth 2016-06-13 05:26:12 21020%252352797

… yep!  the happened, unprecedented  (violent death of 49+ souls) X (injury to 50+ more) surprise need not effect mine more than it already has.  

For me the Tony’s quite washed it away,  Hallelujah !  i am so glad they didn’t cancel out and yet still happened quickening  my deep urge to act.  

my associatings go just as far from  that tidal wave in our human  continuum as possibly they can … i will see you, your boat rocking from a far. 


Seth says
well my response does quite deserve it’s own thought … kudos … and thank you thumbs up

Seth says
an interesting post found by Elizabeth … well worth a complete read …

The fact is, the vast majority of Muslims are loving, peaceful people who would never want to hurt any American or homosexual. I know this because I was deeply rooted in the Muslim community, and not a single Muslim out of the thousands I knew were violent or harbored violent tendencies. (The community I am referring to is in Norfolk, Virginia, with Sunnis, Shias, and others attending the same mosque. It was an open-armed and diverse Muslim community.)

Regardless, Islam itself has always taught that gays should be executed. Muhammad commanded: “If you find anyone doing as Lot’s people did, kill the one who does it, and the one to whom it is done.” (Sunan Abu Daud 4447) Imams who have been trained in these Islamic teachings are teaching in our communities. Just three months ago, an imam who is well known for proclaiming Muhammad’s teachings on homosexuality spoke in Orlando. In a prior speech about homosexuals he was noted to have said, “Let’s get rid of them now” (video and news article). The imam spoke at an Islamic center that is less than 20 miles from the site of today’s atrocities. Some American-born Muslims, such as Omar, are taking teachings like these at face value, listening to their imams and following Muhammad.

How can we understand this dilemma?

Fact is Islam and Muslims are peaceful and part of us.   Those who just say otherwise, these Imams refered to above, are just associating horse shit with Islam for their own power.   They are the problem … not Islam or Muslims.  That must be clear and not quibbled about. 

Mark de LA says
Yep, the pellick continues. Repetition doesn’t make something true – just redundant. How many peaceful Muslims do you know personally F2F?
My mantra these days is “I don’t believe anything” .

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-06-13 07:44:46 [item 21022#52804]
every Muslim that i personally know F2F is peaceful just to the extent that they are in fact being Muslim. ← this i believe.

I don’t like your mantra for myself and i don’t get your joke.
Mark de LA 2016-06-13 08:00:20 [item 21022#52805]
The question was how many?  (F2F) – your answer could be zero & qualify.  
Read the intro/preface to the Cosmic Trigger previously cited or notice that belief is contra to knowledge & thinking!

Seth 2016-06-13 08:28:51 [item 21022#52815]
currently 2, maybe 3 ← i don’t usually qualify those who i meet.  if you remove your unreasonable requirement that they be F2F, that number would garner a large multiple. 

i am totally with you on withholding belief while thinking.   kudos on that thumbs up.  

in relationship to that thought, it is interesting to note, that people seem to have an obsession with Shordenger’s cat being dead when the box is open … not me … when i open it, the cat is alive smug
Shroedinger’s cat is a thought experiment – not real. If you think you really know people on facebook or blogs – guess again. F2F is a better shot but not that great. In my days working for Informatics I knew a few who were employees. I attended a wake for the sister of one of my employees…. met 100’s & absorbed a bit of the culture thus associated with the sadness of death. This was a bit before the Gulf War.  We did not talk much politics.

Seth says

America at half mask …

it was windy … the ropes clanging on the pole.