Write your story, that's all there is to it, period.

We pulled into Carolina Hemlocks campground, the top rated forest service campground in the country, for a little stay. We loved it here and wished we could stay longer than the 14 day limit.

So, we wrote our story thusly, without care or knowing the details. Details are never a humans business. Humans are here to experience.

A week later one of the camp hosts quit unexpectedly, just before the Memorial day rush. Of course, there is a line a mile long of people waiting to be camp host here. But again, that’s details, and details NEVER matter, only state of being “matters” (becomes reality).

We are now campground hosts and enjoying amazing living in a beautiful place for free and getting paid 500 per month to make other campers happy. How cool is that?

It is simply the story we wrote! That everyone said it was impossible matters not at all. Logic doesn’t matter. Details don’t matter. Nothing matters in your experience except what YOU put there with your thoughts. It is your experience and you are creating it every moment with each thought you have. Have the thoughts that create the experience you want instead of default thoughts that create a randomish experience. There is no circumstance in all of creation that can buck your own pure and clearly held thought. It really is just that simple! 


Si says
Mark de LA 2016-06-13 08:41:53 [item 21024#52819]
While partially agreeing I like Peter Ralston’s frame – it shakes loose some ego (maybe even all of it)  https://peterralstonblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/10/episode-5-you-arent-a-person/

Seth says
Seth 2016-06-13 08:55:39 [item 21024#52825]
a lot of what you seem to call thought, i call happens ← not that it matters.   

nevertheless a beautiful story … thanks for telling it indeed thumbs up
nathan 2016-06-13 09:02:56 [item 21024#52826]

In my references, thought precedes happening. There is a thought, which is a particular frequency, much like a strand of DNA, but made of vibrating energy, like the combined notes in a symphony, as that is what thoughts are. That thought DNA sets up the conditions in which the next experience of the thinker happens, which stimulate another thought and so on … thus there is momentum to thoughts and experience.

It is very similar to the slow process of physical procreation and children being conceived and born and so on, but happening much much faster in the energy realm where thoughts occur. Every new thought is a new child being born with it’s own vibrational dna signature.
Seth 2016-06-13 09:09:11 [item 21024#52827]
thought is great … no doubt about it thumbs up … when it happens, even better smug
nathan 2016-06-13 09:14:14 [item 21024#52828]
Every single thought “happens”, no doubt about it. But there are many, and like in a crowded coliseum, you only notice as a happening what the majority are doing, not every individual. Your only job in life is to sway the crowd of your thoughts.  

Most people simply don’t. They just go with the crowd, wherever it is going, and that is the experience they have.
Seth 2016-06-13 10:49:58 [item 21024#52850]
well there is no doubt that thoughts happen.   Thoughts that happen which can be truly shared and thus enter human consciousness are easily distinguished from those which just happens within a single person’s subjective mind ← those have quite a different dimension from a tree falling in the forest and all those other happenings which can actually be shared.
nathan 2016-06-13 10:57:02 [item 21024#52851]
My experience differs. The more I pay attention to my actual thoughts, the more I see the direct effect of every individual thought. It is as if I used to only pay attention to the effect of the crowd of all my thoughts and that is what I noticed. Now, with more careful focus, I can choose a thought out of the crowd and follow it to the happening. Being shared has nothing to do with it. My thoughts happen and I can see the trail in an individual thought and in the crowd of all my thoughts. This is equally true in thoughts about me as it is in my thoughts about others. There is no longer a difference in dimension in my experience of my thoughts. When there was a difference before, it was an artifice of my observing the crowd as if it were one instead of many.
that sounds true here too thumbs up.   there is no doubt that thinking and sharing happings can become more and more in tune … can totally get on the same wave length …. we love that when it happens indeed heart