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I was not thinking of your wallaby, but more of the movie A Beautiful Mind when I said:

Maybe you should check your meds.


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Seth says
Seth 2016-06-15 02:55:21 [item 21028#52898]
Well it sure sounds like you are saying my opus is evidence that i am going crazy.  If not, then you should clarify.  Taking that attitude towards another person is not a kind thing to do to them.

Anyway if you look at “Bozomic Decomposition” as a piece of art,  which is what it is,  you might understand it better.  That way you won’t need to waste energy on trying to mock it, and i won’t need to waste energy on trying to defend against your mocks. 
Mark de LA 2016-06-15 07:11:35 [item 21028#52902]
You are suffering from mockophobia – get well soon! Get a sense of humor or not – your choice. Change your context or not. The guy was both a genius & a nut-case. 
shure sounded like you were calling me crazy … next time sombody calls you crazy when you do a piece of art, see if it sounds funny to you.   just a small measure of honesty here might well be in order here. 

Mark de LA says
Anyway a wallaby is a wallaby. See how much fun it is to have others argue about the meaning of your wallaby? .. or exactly what it is.  

Mark de LA says
Mark de LA 2016-06-15 07:57:09 [item 21028#52917]
Didn’t see any Image result for bizarre art art . Still don’t.  Then too anything is called art today.
Seth 2016-06-15 08:07:40 [item 21028#52920]
i expect that most people all too frequently don’t see the art of others opuses. 

for example it took me a long time to see your mastery of always choosing the worst possible interptrtation of what i say as the art it must certainly be.   of never agreeing … ever!   it is totally Zen!  kind of like the art of being ugly.  Kudos, bro … and i really mean that.
Yep missed the “ART” in your comment as well. 

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