Fuck the King !

About: The Referendum for England to leave the European Union

+Philip Smith stagnation of what ... nationalism perchance? as government moves to a ever larger grouping ... from local to state to region to world, what shold happen is that it dilutes and stagnates allowing individual, family, and closer groupings to become stronger and stronger. nations are kind of a old fashion place to put sovereignty

.... hmm now which is the hex for fuck the king?


and Bozomic decomposition yields …

ok in the context of this thought i get 2 (division) and 3 (change) and 5 (human) … but 701 ?   what the fuck is that? 

… laughing and here is where maybe i should take my meds, eh?


Seth says
nathan 2016-06-16 08:03:45 [item 21030#52958]
Amen! Inner guidance is a much stronger and harmonious organiztional force than government of any kind. Listen with your heart and do as thy wilt … your whole world will blossom as easily as a field of wildflowers grows.  
well there are so many aspects here,  very deep inside me, and deep inside you, and their context should not  be blurted out in a short comment to be easily misconstrued.  but hey what happened?  the fat boy talking on the British tele about leaving the European Union to glory instead with the English nation, and Philip Smith’s point to HEX 12 at deoxy.org (← an interesting website) provoking my, almost violent, rejection of nationalism, provoked your profound love of the inner direction.  Yes I love it too, Seven.  heart

However the further in i go, the further i am away from you.  ← just a nasty little fact of our existence which is all too easily denied.  Hence 7 is balanced with 11, the opposite direction where exists happenings which we share.  But i doubt anyone can find that in the iching which is too old fashion and closed for it to surface … perchance it is a bridge too far inside of contemporary sum
oh well laughing

Mark de LA says
Hex #8 is just stagnation. Doesn’t say what is stagnated. Could be Phillip Smith, You, Nate, the UK, the European Union, the World, the Times, the M$M, Islam, or (heavens forbid) me. In the words of Bozo, assuming it showed up as an oracle, it’s what’s happening. GW put Christ into the Yi & brought it forth as Book Chameleon – hence not stagnated, but living! 

Philip Smith says

Mark de LA says

Seth says
Philip Smith 2016-06-16 10:48:38 [item 21030#52965]
This is the hex I get in association with Fuck the King.

Philip Smith 2016-06-16 10:51:15 [item 21030#52966]
Seth 2016-06-16 11:13:56 [item 21030#52971]
ok thanks heart

28. Ta Kuo / Preponderance of the Great

perhaps group mark can grock that better than i.

Mark de LA 2016-06-16 11:19:34 [item 21030#52974]
Not my thing to interpret others’ throws.
Philip Smith 2016-06-16 11:20:55 [item 21030#52975]
For reasons that remain obscure, I started collecting postcards depicting wax museum figures of Lee Harvey Oswald earlier this year.
yeah mark … throws are to me strange … and as you observe not well interpreted by others.  

throws are where me and the iching parted company.  

strange thought that now i play in my art with fastblogit making the throws grin

for example this one has a new  prime 701 … maybe i should assign that to government … or maybe take my meds laughing.

note that would be the reverse process than using the iching for divination … making the associations from the throw (happening  defining interpertation) … instead of interpertations being provoked by the throw (internal interperting happening).