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Welcome !
The Wizzard of fastblogit wizzard

Also known as seth


Seth says
Wizard 2016-06-16 10:52:29 [item 21033#52967]
Welcome Philip to fastblogit heart.    What name do you want associated with your group 228 ?   I suggest “philip”.  
Philip Smith 2016-06-16 10:54:22 [item 21033#52968]
Thanks very much.  That name sounds fine.  Do I do that somewhere, or is that something you take care of?
according to nathan it is somthing best done by me … and now it is done … you have the perminant URL http://www.fastblogit.com/philip

Philip Smith says
Seth 2016-06-16 12:24:35 [item 21033#52979]
via “Bozomic Decomposition” , lots of trancendance in your casting here 3 cubed … omg surprise