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“Supervenience” emerged as a concept in the latter part of the 20th century as a way to talk about the stuff, which we all know is happening,  without resorting to the old  billiard ball model of event. 

I first applied it to Conway’s Life Game which was published in Scientific American.  On the simple rules of a cellular automata complex shapes and changes emerged.  I call that the gliders and blinkers supervene on the running of the rules.   This was quite the craze in the 70’s. 

By the end of the 20th century we see all manner of supervening being applied in engineering.  The principle invention being how protocol stacks supervene on each other with emerging at the top what is happening here in this domain;  and of course at many others on the Internet. 

But why stop there?   It is clear, at least to me, that society itself has supervened on it’s individuals.


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Seth says

2^2 * 5 ^ 5 * 211

hyper cycle of hyper humanity leading to the unknown

via “Bozomic Decomposition

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