Toothless Foodie Branded Secret Avacado Sauce

You know it’s good only when you need to keep tasting it to see smug


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Si says
Seth 2016-07-01 13:07:02 [comment 21101#53865]
surprise OMG … 21101 is prime.

Si says
That I'll take some of!

Winnie says
YUM! tell!

Seth says

Well omg surprise the elusive Winnie rears her head.  but would i tell my secret here than there … me thinks not laughing … even on a prime number.  thing is i noticed that when i was making it i loved to make sauces … i am a Saucier!  this one needs some dinking.  if i tell, well that would change the mix. 

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Si says

Si says
Must be in an imaginary verse!

Seth says
guck … replies to comments do not appear to be showing up.

Si says
That one is. What isn’t?

Seth says
my replies are not showing up.  maybe they are in the data, maybe not.

Si says
You have a reply up there under Winnie that is showing up. Not sure what is not showing up, if it isnt’s showing up!  But everything I have posted has showed up.

Seth says
look in the data … i expect you will find several replies that do not show on the screen.

Si says
Try clicking on the 3.0 in the nav bar. That will reload your page keeping you on the 3.0 side. Reload in the browser will duck you back to 2.0, so use the 3.0 gadget.

Seth says
lots of examples …. this one … but since it does not show up, i can’t tell you about it. ← made here in reply.

Si says

Seth says
ok that was the first reply that showed up for quite a while.  the rest of ones that did not are in my memory but not on the screen.

Seth says
hmmm … maybe it was because i made them in 2.0 and not 3.0

Seth says
yep. they still do not show up.  but now that i am in 3.0 all of my replies are showing.  when i was in 2.0 and made a reply the system appeared not to do anything … nor did the comment perhaps get accepted into the database ← or at lest i see no evidence that it did.

Si says
Seth 2016-07-03 09:01:06 [item 21101#53964]

 But everything I have posted has showed up.

okay. yet everything *i* posted did not.   none of my replies now show on the screen.
Here is a 2.0 comment.

Seth says
ok i will go back to 2.0 and reply to this thread.   it will either show up or it will not.  ← this reply was made in 3.0

Si says
Okay. That was it. A typo made it into the 2.0 comment system. Fixed!  

Si says

Seth says
Seth 2016-07-03 09:02:59 [item 21101#53966]
they do not show even if 3.0 shows in the bar

new trains & edits show … replies do not.
Seth 2016-07-03 09:13:31 [item 21101#53979]
here is a comment in this thread made in 2.0.
ok, that one showed up.  apparently something changed.  quite a number of my replies earier this morning did not. 

Si says
Said here 2 times (now three) it was a 2.0 typo, now fixed. You gotta read the news between every thought in your head or you easily fall behind the   

Si says
Notice also that 2.0 and 3.0 comments play together very nicely, even on the 2.0 side!  

Seth says
laugh when it happens fast i don’t even try to keep up.   glad it’s fixed.  smug

so some of my replies did not get recorded in the data base?  ← which is not a problem, i am just curious.

Si says
However … there is a glitch. 3.0 comments get orphaned to the top level of the thread if their parent gets 2.0 replied to … as can be seen here. That one won’t be so easy to fix, may just be an issue until 3.0 is fully ready.

Seth says
yes i saw that yes

Seth says

Seth says

Si says
That’s right. Any replies earlier this morning made under 2.0 did not go in the database due to the typo which was causing a PHP error.

Seth says

Seth says
i may go back and see if i can reproduce that one hairy verse … it might have been rich with chiggacity.

Si says

Seth says
i think not.  the edges are quite distinct and happened and were shared with winnie, ira, and you and who knows who else.  that each edge appears relative to each of you does not make them imaginary just to me.  ← i think i got that one from you (or maybe just something about it that was related)

Si says
Fortunately I use a self-healing model for threaded comments. All comments are actually FLAT in the database and later structured into the page during the javascript build. Hence, if the structure get’s broken, the comments still appear as top level (linear) comments. This is a nice self-healing effect. 

Si says
Well, the rules you have defined make it imaginary to me. I sure can’t taste it in my physical mouth as you have set up the verses!  

Si says
I’m good with you deleting all the flotsam here related to the 2.0 typo. It’s fixed and I don’t need any of that anymore and it clutters up your avocado.  

Si says
… but p.s., make sure you delete whole threads in 3.0 or the children will get orphaned and require seperate deletes of their own! surprise

2.0 delete is not aware of children.

Seth says
laughing okay for sure.  but the edges of what i did share you have experienced just as very much as you could have tasted the sauce. ← that part was not imaginary to me because i shared it with you all … and i even have proof in bits of data that it was received and even the language means that it was grocked. 

Si says
Nicely shows how what I “create” in my verse of your experience IS imagination, not what you experience in your verse. They are quite separate verses!   

Seth says
no need to delete anything here yet.  this thought is focused quited differently than some of my other ones.

Seth says

Si says
Okay. Fortunatly getting here from the news takes you right to the comment you are looking for, otherwise it would be lost in all this flotsam!  

Seth says
its a bit different way of thinking when a comment to a thread can appear in the thread but one is focusing on a different thread.  i think if the entry box would open inside the thread itself … and when editing replace the comment being edited … that would improve ones focus.

Si says
Yes, I agree. That is a completely different area of code than I am working in right now though. I am using the same editor for now. Later, when all the comments are working right and streaming in real time, then I can look into twiddling on the editor.

Seth says

Seth says
yes of course yes

… but that was the first time i heard you refer to it as “imagination”.   that which happens that is shared is not (in any of my verses) imaginary.  that others experience of that which was shared is quite different than my own is just the nature of relativity that has been setup here in almost any verse that we share.   ← that last part i think you said yourself, but in quite different terms.

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