Waiting for fireworks at Ruston Freedom Celebration with a new "live camera"

When i swipe to this picture in my iPhone 6s the jet actually moves just a bit.  OMG surprise.  I’m not sure that i understand live photos yet.  It doesn’t seem that they can be shared, here or even on facebook, except just flat like this.

i wonder what the jet pilot was experiencing … the unsuspecting revelers on the beach ← known and unknown hints represented  here.

more of my jet snaps here


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Seth says
Bozomic Decomposition yields …

the more i watcH this the more i think 2 is just change .. time itself.   5 must be human … just look at your hand.   2111 then must needs be of photography or maybe more generally representation.    so this hangs well … a human change in photography ← and so it is smug.

pondering thought 2111 laugh … well at least it showed  a real hman photograph.

Si says
In numerology, 5 is change and 2 is partners or couples … 2 is strong in the human element and even the sharing element … but those numbers are backwards from what you just said numerologically speaking.

Seth says
TiggerAndPoo 2016-07-05 11:15:18 [item 21110#54036]
Live photo also available on my 5SE.

I sure love the 5SE, all the features of the 6S without the overwhelming big screen and unpocketable size!  

Yes, I know that people with baggy pants and who never do impromptu cartwheels, acro yoga, or crash motorcycles can probably pocket a 6S and keep from bending or breaking it … but that ain’t me! I did crash our motorcycle with my prior 5S and it did bend slightly but the screen didn’t break and it kept on working! 6S would have been toast!
well that definitely is a problem with my new 6s Plus.   yet i am a unapolgetic big screen addict.   the shorts i wore to the fair had way too shallow of pockets for me to ever feel secure.  it is just something that i must adapt to.   i’m wrking on it.   but i don’t have your cartwheel prob … so a solution may well appear.

Seth says
yeah well i never matriculated in numerology.  2 is absolutely pervasive … every other number has it as a  component … yet “partners and couples” is way too particular to grab it for me … maybe 2^3 + 5^3 would work. you see in my system you can extenuate an aspect by taking it to a power. 

Seth says
incidentally 2^3 + 5^3 = 1000 … Love is the answer ! is a bozomic coincidence … provoked by the discrepancy you pointed out re this system and numerology laughsurprise

Seth says
incidentally mark points out that 2^3 + 5^3 = 133 and not 1000.   ← thanks

but elements multiply and not add … don’t know what i was thinking

so i was talkin 2^3 * 5^3 which in fact is 1000.

i wonder what thought 133 is however

Seth says
thing about numerolog is that is squishes the token into just the numbers 0 – 9 … so just 10 nodes in the network.  bozomikery expands to whatever size a mysticism encompuses. 

Si says

Si says
Cool. Your system is interesting, no doubt. I know numerology well and I noticed that from a numerological standpoint you have 2 and 5 basically reversed … not saying that the systems should be the same, just noticing.  Your pioneering the new system so it is up to you to channel the information correctly … or if you want to do it the hard way, think it through.  

Seth says
well i’ve noticed a spiral of Supervenience  of numbers that is hard to even explain to myself.   notice how 1 starts the sequence … unity, identity.   then next is 2 … that is a change from 1 … but still stays in a loop.  which leads to 3, the trancendance the direcion to the next spiral.  but suddenly we can start combining … so just as 2 + 1 = 3 … so 2 + 3 = 5  … adding guarantees that we will get something new (see “Bozo's Last Number Theorum” ).  now i look outside of the numbers at my hand and i see that 5 is so very human … so that was what i bound to that new element.  then from that point the direction is relative to that choice, so this  system is about the human predicament … fine … so now let us go a new cycle … 5 + 3 = 8 ← well no real new elements there, just combinations of what we already have.  but 5 + 2 = 7 … well that is new … what is it to human … the inside i say, deep inside, spiritual … now 5 + 3*2 = 11 … well what is that,  the outside of human, othernesss the world.   it is hard to choose these and gestalt the natural spiral of supervenience, but it is fun indeed.… the more i think about it, the more it becomes clear to me.

you say,  “Your pioneering the new system so it is up to you to channel the information correctly … or if you want to do it the hard way, think it through”, ...but there is NO “correctly” here at all … all of these associations are just exactly what i create them to be.   most mystical channels to the so called “spirit world” have been worked out by others and are given.  We are told that there is a “correct” way to practice.   i am sure that mark would agree with that.  for me it is fresher, more authentic, and more alive if i do it myself … after all the spirit is inside me … eh, Nathan Seven ?

Si says
All sounds good to me. Even the part about it being fresher if you do it yourself. After all, that is what we are here for, the experience! It is just that most people think we have to do everything, like there is some one physical world and we have to do it all to advance it. We do not. We can simply do what we want, and ask for what we don’t want to do (channel it), and it happens … when and if we believe it will of course. Most people don’t believe it so it doesn’t happen in their experience.

Mostly your stuff is still paralleling Numerology. Even 7 being spiritual, and even 11 (which is really 2) being back to partners, or as you say, inside verses outside, that duality. And even 5 being human may not be so bad. 5 is in the middle, the balance, the Christ, and many other things than just change. It’s a busy number. That’s why it is often summarized as change.

Si says
Notice that you edited thread 54050 while I was replying to it and “nothing was forked up”.

In fact, I even noticed that you edited it because it turned yellow again.  Though knowing exactly what you changed is a very advanced feature and won’t be seen in these parts all that soon.

Seth says

Seth says
yes … well we seem to be thinking together here about the mysticism of numbers.  

I have it that 7 binds to my human insides .. deep down and spiritual.   11 binds to the outside world … that which happens and is shared.  those two views of my experience i keep comming back to.   as you know i do not relate to the distinction spirit/physical (as perhaps you still do) … rather i relate to 7/11 … inside and outside of me.  for me that is by far more tangeable and reliable distinctin that what people traditionally think of as the physical world. 

is there just the one world that happens that we share ?  well certainly it is different relative to different people … nobody can deny that and not lie about it.   but even with relativity thrown into the mix do we not share the same external verse … er, well when we are sharing it me thinks it certainly is the same laugh ← which facts can be verified by instruments.

incidentally for me Christ is human trancendence … getting out of the binary back and forth of 2 … so i think i would bind it to 3.  of course it depends on what part of the spiral one is considering … (think spiral manderbolts) … so that can be  handeled by powers … maybe Christ would be 3^3 + 5^3 (i dont really know yet) … i dont know how far up the spiral i can get a true grock.

Seth says
by the way … where traditional numerology takes 11 and adds the tens to the units to get 2 is just plain stupid and not something that hangs true to me.  

Si says
In numerology it is an 11-2 … that is a special kind of 2.

Seth says
so what is 17 ? … a special kind of 8 laughing

Si says
Would have to look up 17. Don’t remember that one. Virtually all the pared numbers, 11, 22, 33, 44 etc are special. There are some others like 13-4 but I don’t remember all of the special ones … who knows, maybe they are prime or anti-prime or something!  

Seth says
all paired numbers are just factors (composites) of the famous prime 11 smug

Si says
You may simply be pairing down Numerology, adding finer hair and distinctions. I’m sure that is possible with that system. Most people like to keep such systems as simple as possible and that’s one reason I like Numerology, as well as Chinese Astrology, over infinitely complex traditional astrology. They allow understanding a lot of tendencies that exist in our mirrors of reality (the structure of the glass) with simple systems. But some people like the complex ones, Virgos usually do!  

Si says

Seth says
yes definitely i am adding finer hairs that distinguish … somtimes simplifying smushes things together that do not really go together.  

by the way … the “mirrors of reality (the structure of the glass)” does not, for me, accurately model the perdicament.  what i am aware of whose happenings get represented on the stage that i must call “my reality” is not like looking at myself in a mirror … what i experience on that stage is not just inside me.  that may well be a place where we have constructed different verses to live in … or it may just be a consusion in our language.

Si says
Well that’s true. It is not like looking at yourself in the mirror at all. It is exactly like exactly one thing and only one thing. “Your sensory experience!”. In fact, that is what it is. That is your reality being fed back as your experience through your senses. You would never experience it “some other way”, unless you intend to and think first, because it is the experience you are having. The idea of the mirror aspect only is so that we understand that it is not actually happening where we experience it. It already happened in our thoughts, and then we watch it in the mirror we call reality with our senses after pushing it there to be experienced with our will. Understanding this allows us to realize that what we are experiencing is not bound to circumstances, only our state of being.

Seth says
“That is your reality being fed back to your experience through your senses.”  hangs seriously false to me.  my senses sense what is outside myself … otherness … not my own insides.  but maybe you talk of neural timing … that might be a different matter … but in the long run, what comes into my sense are originally from outside myself.

Si says
Simply “nope”, it’s all you sir.  You may have created a lot of it by including that which others experience and create, but it is all you out there. And each other is in their own “it’s all you out there” too!  There is so much about what all of us experience that only works if that is true.  You really have to be seeing yourself extremely tiny to envision all that is not you as otherness, even though everything that you do experience is exactly as huge as all that you know and are aware of.

Am I a man, or am I a muppet? And if a muppet, I must be a muppet of a man. (lyrics from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sb3tHsCLWsI)  YOU – get to choose. You can be a man, or you can be a muppet. Both experiences are available here along with many more! And that is exactly because … wait for it ... it’s all your story! surprise

If it were not “all your story” and “all my story”, then everyone would have to live “the same story” … and clearly they do not. Clearly each of us makes up a whole lot of shit and then tells each other about it, mostly with more disagreement than not about what IS.   Look at how different your verse is from mine on all of these issues. If it were all “otherness” out there, then why would our verses be so different? They are different “because they really are different” and if they are different, then why would anyone think there was a different “otherness” for each of us that was also separate from each of us? That’s like a billion times more complicated than the simple idea that all of it is each our own. Think of how infinite the “universe” would have to be to not only create each individual, but each different whole otherness as an artifice of the same “universe”. Each our own story and reality is so much simpler! Then all that has to exist is what we experience for each of us. A simple reality mirroring holodeck for each of us, feeding our senses, (the brain), is all that is needed … not a gagillion whole entire universes creating the clearly different experiences each of us are having.  

Si says
"Out there" does not exist. Out there is simply the result of your thoughts being played back to your senses. That is why it is said to be a mirror. You don't figure it all out. Most of it you just borrow from others. The rest is created for your senses by the larger part of all that you are based on your thoughts and state of being. And the holodeck mechanism is literally “your brain”, or mostly so anyway.

Notice how mind altering substances that affect the brain literally change what you experience? LSD for instance? How could that work if there was an otherness that was not you?

Seth says
well i agree it is all my storyyes … no doubt about it … 100% my story.   and by symmetry the same goes for you. 

but my story is not 100% my experience.   look at it this way,  i get your story through my senses, not from my story.  there is more to it than that, but that is the simplification that just now emerged.   when you think you are getting my story from inside yourself, then you are truly mistaken relative to me.

Seth says
anyway got to go again smileylaugh

Si says
I get parts of your story to include in my reality exactly to the degree I am tuned into you and pay attention to the tuning. i.e. tuned-in, which is phrase people say for this thing quite often, is really exactly that. How similar our vibrations are. When our vibrations, state of being, are very far apart it seems like you and I are having really different experiences of each other … we are! Because we are generating our otherness from a different base of vibration. It’s like the difference between getting your info of another’s reality over a 56K modem, or over 56mbps high speed internet. The further apart we are in vibration of being, the less actual information is coming across from the other’s verse and the more is being filled in by our own high-tech reality smoothing software. Doesn’t it really seem exactly like that at times? … It is!

Seth says
well i agree,  “Things are exactly what you think they are, until you rethink themthumbs up   this does seem the way my thinking (story) structures my experience.   if i think differently, then things will seem different accordingly.   that does strike me as truth and i like it that way smug

but i wonder …  is it yet clear to us how *i* think (and feel) about the  otherness accessed though my senses quite differently than i do about how thoughts structure my experience?  i think you will think for yourself,  ← not my business to think for you as if you were a reflection of me.

Seth says
p.s.   i think mark is going to think this is some funny shit here laughing ← which is not to say that he will laughinglaughing

Seth says
incidentally  i am constantly being deceived by advertising and politicians.  most of the time i expect that deception.  but sometimes i expect a tad bit of honesty … then it kind of hurts when that honesty from another does not happen ← so i usually vibrate against it just so they will know ← the trick is not to get mad ← im working on that.  

Seth says

Seth says
yeah that hangs together well.  thumbs up

but it does not in any way imply to my thinking that “Out there does not exist.”  those vibrations are out there and exist quite apart from my tuning in to them.  they are quite independent of me.  i can harmonize or dissonate with them just as i will.  it does make a different sound in the air which i choose.  but the effect of my will does not change that which happens, caused by others independent of my deed. 

Si says
Seth 2016-07-07 10:44:02 [item 21110#54102]

it is all you out there. And each other is in their own “it’s all you out there” too!  There is so much about what all of us experience that only works if that is true


oh really surprise !   Can you give me examples of “what i experience that works only if it is all me out there” ?
I give examples constantly. I'm sure another one will come up soon and I will market so.

Seth says
thumbs up well i agree that “any vibration in that direction attracts more of it.” … or at least its response compliment from outside.  which is why, me thinks, that one can never get out of a RWG loop by being right at the other’s expense of being wrong.

but hmmm …. according to what you say after that,  i can just change my thought pattern and then nobody can ever tell me a lie.  did i get that right?  bear in mind i am not talking about what *i* believe here … rather i am talking about somebody else’s intention.  so apparently, according to my understanding of what you are saying, my internal private thought patterns actually changes their intention and their will.  if i understand you correctly, i am not buying that at all.

carry that to an extreme example.  i change my thought pattern and then suddenly every time i watcH TV no advertiser can poss  ibly manifest an intention to deceive me about their product at all.  bear in mind i am talking about *their intention* … not what *i believe* about their product.   The only way for me to never be subjectively deceived, is for me to  never to trust anything anybody tells me.  Maybe that is really what you are talking about … i don’t really know.

Seth says

Seth says
i think i travel deeper into the wilds of the world than you do laugh

Seth says
TiggerAndPoo 2016-07-06 17:28:18 [item 21110#54075]
There is an interesting lesson channellable out of today’s musings.

”Things are exactly what you think they are, until you rethink them”.

Many people think they have to be on guard because things are not how they seem. Things are always exactly as they seem, until a person thinks about that thing in other ways because they doubt things are as they seem, and so things are not then how they seem anymore, they are how they have been rethought. Right inside that thought you can visualize how thinking creates experience … if you have a desire to see it.

Look how Mark lives in a kind of perpetual fear that he is being misled, and how things in his experience are often not what he thought they would be. Look how I have always taken life to be pretty literally as it is and how thusly I almost never find things that are not how I thought they would be … I can count the number of times I have been deceived in my life on my hands. I think life is the way it is and thus it is. Both because it is what I thought, and because I think it will be what I think. They complement each other and then it happens and my senses reflect the story to my being.

And as always, lets not bring “surprise” into this mix. I am often surprised, because I expect and desire to be so, and also because I enjoy and desire adventures as part of my experience. Being surprised is very different from believing things are not as they seem to be.

A message brought to you by fireworks, jets, iPhones, primes, and everything being of your making. Such diversity you include, such beauty you create!  (yes I am talking to you TiggerAndPoo, just as you reading this are talking to Seth, or Mark, or … as you are)
TiggerAndPoo 2016-07-07 12:09:08 [item 21110#54103]
There is no such thing as vibrating against something in an attraction based reality.  Any vibration in that direction attracts more of it. What you do instead is change the belief that you are going to be deceived, and then you simply won't. Even if they deceive other people, you will not be a vibrational match for it so you will not be deceived. Circumstances will align to prevent it.
Seth 2016-07-07 13:21:08 [item 21110#54107]
ok i see what you are saying:  “if you change your beliefs and your vibrational state of being such that you are not a match for their intentions, then the circumstances can never happen that will put you in their path at the right time to be deceived”.  ← which sure i have found does work at times in many contexts … like not dressing like i have a lot of money in my pocket and then wandering through a ghetto ghetto alley alone.  

anyway i am not frequently the victim of deceit.  but it still happens.  for example,  i got a email from my dear friend eric reiter this morning and as you might expect i opened it … but it took me to a what looked like a fishing page, which i did not click upon.  So at least initially i was deceived.  Should i  suppose that with your expert practice of LOA you never get those kind of emails?
Seth 2016-07-07 13:40:52 [item 21110#54108]

now in retrospect the message on its face looks suspicions.  but i was not expecting to be deceived … perhaps i trust google spam filtering too much and/or fishchers are getting more aggressive … i don’t know … my trust in the system took a hit. 

note that “trust” and “being deceived” go together like white on rice … without the former, the latter vanishes … kind of like you say it does just practicing LOA. 
it is just one of those thoughts that i think.  laugh

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