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i have a extensive corpus of English thought compiled since 2005 that is now coded in a relational database.  It runs which is the first .   It is extensively tagged in English folksonomy and the items themselves are densly linked.   All of that could be represented in linkeddata.   My intention is to find a bot with which a person could interact with this corpus in natural language … say with alexa or siri

If anyone wants to play with this … i would be more than willing to make the data and the server available.

Seth Russell
Developer at Thinking Domains


  1. thought 21120


Seth says
possible connection  surprise smugcheck forum for continued dialog

Seth says
see group graph api

Seth says
incidentally whre is that group … i was reading it the other day and now it seems to have dissapeared from my group lists.

Si says
It’s there. You just can’t get to it in 3.0. Prolly due to the space in the name. You can get to it from 2.0 though. 3.0 is coming along nicely but not done yet.  I am working on it about 20 to 40 minutes a day.

Seth says
actually i can get to it even in 3.0 if i join it and get there from the group list in the tool bar smiley … its just that the group graph api reference does not work.

Si says
You can get to it by typing it in the go group dialog in 3.0. Just not via reference.

Si says

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