Examples of Bozomic Decomposition

I decided to start putting all of my casts in this internal game that i am playing here rather than gafattie the rest of our mind space.   In a way i did not expect that my mystical internal game would work quite so well in that it would attract quite so many coincidental fits to my psychie.  Oh well … play can be fun happy.
This one is a real doozie surprise ...

5^3 * 13^2 → “greater humanitie’s habits”

i think i now have 13 identified  … i am thinking it can be called “habit” or “automated happening” →  that which happens sans conscious will. 

of course you know that 5 is human if you have been following along.

strangely enough, i think anyone who reads the dialog on “About: Re: Business Of Linked Data: Opportunities re., Smart Agents (Bots)”  must grock that same interpretation

← my bozomic interpretation is that “about (private thought)” is unhacking the spiritual. 

works for me smug … but then i am bozo. 
bozo assigns what can be represented as “political lies” to prime 10567.  and that prime falls between two doozies from the previous 2008 election cycle … 10570, and 10560.

so the interpretation of the intent behind the thought  (private thought) is “more political lies”

interperting out loud bozo’s response Black Lives Matter

2^2  * 7 * 11 * 61

hmmm ….

2^2 could be “insistence of habit” ← more more of the same.

7 * 11 has both inside and outside components.  both spiritual and those connections that happen between us.  it would be the trangualtion of both contexts. 

what is 61 … or its nearest fix ?  Well 186 is the closest which makes any sense … and that is about aaron’s inteview.   It works for me, my attempt to blog about triangulateing my inside with my outside as i avoided killing the black kids on their bikes was in fact trying to do what aaron was suggesting in “Internet needs serious, well-written, critical investigations into societal phenomena.”.  

Now of course you should notice a Bozonic bias … what the fuck did you expect … after all this is my mind grin

so in “Chicken Lives Matter Too” mark  has gone beyond human to “(private thought)laughing laughing

21157 is A new ontology

Ok, ok honestly i did not plan this, that would be cheeting.  But i did anticipate it … as in watcH it coming.  Me thinks it is a great match smug,  a great sync between my subjective mind and this external one here

A question about consciousness ...

That just happened, and i swearer to you that i did not contrive it.


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Si says
Here you go.  Tesla worked it out over 100 years ago! 


Seth says
yes  that’s going to take a bit of study.

Seth says
i think this video animates Tesla’s gestalt about multiplication → Times Tables, Mandelbrot and the Heart of Mathematics

Seth says
this comment was moved from 21379 … “thought” which is owned by Mark.

then too, re Bozomic Decomposition, once a prime is arrived at and known it is prime, then make the most of it … make it unique … this one will come around only every 21379 thoughts … it is rare at thoughts go.  i would delve into the nexus of why you came to this particular one … that peculari moment that you swirled here …. and represent that utter singularity here in English … er, but that of course is just me.  this one is Mark’s. 

Si says

Seth says
in my  mind 21379 must be associated to the motility (auto gestalt refactoring) of thoughts themselves.

Seth says

well OMG Sriracha from Scott's Farm is definitely human ^ 2 … and 857  has got to be about food.

Seth says
Individual meets collective

2 – again
3^2 – trancending
1187 – some bullshit

which is what we seem to be doing null

Seth says
 re “Signs” ...

cutily contrived ← me thinks …. comes back twice over (2^2) again null ← indeed

… i wonder what  1787 is … seems to always be cropping up … what is this going beyond that (3) ?

Si says
It was one of yours so I unprivitized it. Take a look.

Seth says
i privitized 1787  11 years ago because i feared  the bot makers might use it to hack the system … but since we are in a totally different system, this information is now quite irrelevant to them.

but it was prime … omg null … so to what nexus does it intersect?  

some specific kind of insecurity?  fear?  

hmmm … that would seem to intersect quite with  http://www.fastblogit.com/thought/21444#58238 

Si says

Seth says

Seth says

might shed some light on what 19 is

Si says
19 does not actually exist. Notice the messages now simply say “doesn’t exist” or “is private”. I buckled and allowed that security risk because it is helping you with your bosimist research.  

Seth says
none of these elemental low level primes that crop up so often have actual thoughts attached.   and i am also finding that most of the ones above 1000 also do not exist or are private. 

Si says
Yep. The thoughts pretty much start being regular at 205. Below 205 is only 18 and 186.

Seth says

re The mountain does not come to Muhammad ...

note the spiral starting 43 (44) (45) (46) 47

43  being tied to many magical and amazing things … see Wikipedia

also note that:  41 (42) 43 ← is a pair

457 is a rare specific un-recognized prime … er, or is it 457 ?,  yep.

Seth says
re A New Respect for The Specific

wow … 5^2 … null … very human this one

might helps triangualte  571 which corpps up here … OMG that is “FastBlogIt Common Stream” …. er, fastblogit itself … or is it?

Si says
What is interesting is that so many low primes are deleted. But a human deliberately putting something in one would disturb the research.  

Seth says
re #samo-samo or #samoSamo or #SamoSamo or ....Navigator hard to do a [title xxxx] link to a though with #hashtags in the titel

like 21492

i don’t get the 3^3 here … no way i can get that much trancendance with #ssdd directed at #bozo  comming around and around again, 2^2.   #199 must be something pretty wierd … or maybe it hasn’t happened yet.

Seth says

i claim i should be able to move this … after all i wrote it.

Seth says
thanks null, Navigator

Si says
Seth and Mark de LA, tag and reference expansion has been discontinued in titles. It is a problem for more than just title references and all the extra code needed to properly support it is not necessary for such a rarely desired feature. Thanks!  

Seth says

Seth says
yes and no …

thing is the low primes which crop up so very often necessarily represent the ontology.  which as it becomes known must be remembered and established in some way. 

but you might be right … null mixing intentionally represented interpertations with those which just emerge seems would corrupt the “research”

Seth says

re How hashtags work ...

2^2 … 5 ^ 3 …. 43

to triangulate this one i notice that my interpretation must be more about the spirit that was emerging this morning when i cast into it  rather than the content of the thought on its face.  but in a way even that matches.   i was thinking of how #td’s can become the medium of human’s collective intelligence … no secret there, i have said it before.  i can see the new hastagging as a step in that direction. 

Si says
Yep. Would probably have to let the system randomly fill those, say when a boz prime turns up on a regular higher number, SeriTD stuffs it into that unused one instead, for instance.

Seth says
ohh i am not so very sure about that one

Seth says
… esecially since  i can’t figure our exactly what you mean by “when a boz prime turns up on a regular higher number”

Si says
Well, say that SeriTD notices the natural next thought ID boz ends in 127, like it would be 2,2,5,127 or something, and 127 is empty … then she puts that newly created thought into 127 instead of where it would have gone.

Seth says
hmmm ...

Seth says
re 21537 = Hands Up Don't Shoot

3 ^ 2 = going quite beyond

2393 = What is the News ?
It has been a while since i have seen what i could honestly interpert as a match. 

in fact i seem to be depreciating the entire inquiry. 

But this matches!  null

Note that 2393 is even in the same group unhackthebrain

Perhaps even @mark could provide further interpertation of this pattern.

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