Getting up close and personal at the King County Fair


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Mark de LA says
Never seen a creature that can piss a straight line like that.
Looks like a misinterpretation of a shadow.  Did you take the picture while he pissed?

Seth says
yet this horse did.

Seth says

i was watching the horse up close to get a picture of his eyes … then the animal went to the back of the stall to do his business.    i snapped his picture during that.  the difference in color and how his stream  casts a shadow  should convince you of the veracity of my photograph.

Mark de LA says
Mark de LA 2016-07-18 07:40:46 [item 21147#54414]
The shadow & the color of the original stream almost the same is just weird. But you were the one who found it important enough to snap it. Enjoy. Nice looking horse.
Seth 2016-07-18 08:06:27 [item 21147#54418]
Well how close , me and the little girl got to the long horn bull’s horns was quite a bit more close up and personal, surprising and dramatic,  than what the horse did.  Lot’s of people were there to snap that … even her daddy.

i must admit it made me feel queezy, though i wanted to be closer to get a better picture.   i think she was queezy too, even though her daddy egged her on to get his picture.   you should be able to see that in my picture of her.


Seth says
thanks, mark, for interacting here bringing our consciousness of what happened at the fair closer and more personal to anyone who interprets my representations in this thought.  i never saw a long horn bull up close and personal before … after all, i am but a city boy. 

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