An Apple Press

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2 & ½ gallons of fresh pressed organic apple juice from the second pressing chilling in the fridge smug

← me, making mash for cider from the apples of group poolefarm.

I have the basket of apples … now i got the cider press coming smug


the plans →

We built it smug

… well mostly Scott thumbs up

Anyway we got our first virgin press of apples.

Some drinking necessary,  blend apples the put in cheesecloth works best.


More pressing


and the juice flows null


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Mark de LA says
thumbs up

Seth says
surprise i recieved the unique metal hardware for the press this morning.   The wooden frame i must build myself.  It’s gonna be fun cool

Seth says
note to developer …. please restore the essential capability of fastblogit to upload pdf and other media types like mp3 etc. 

Seth says
Scott is helping me build this in his wood working shop on Healthy Horizons Family Farm.  it’s almost finished, just got to build the barrell.  Then we will see if we can make some cidar from this Apple Trees Laden with Fruit

Seth says
posted on facebook

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-07-29 15:17:12 [item 21149#55073]
Direct via iPhone

2nd pressing …. Got ~ 1 gallon

Si says
How much pulp is in the juice pressed that way? Is it juicy or smooshy in the mouth?

Seth says
i didn’t taste the pulp from the press.  but i could tell it was still quite jucy to the touch.  Scott is going to feed it to his ducks if kristen says they can tolerate quite so very much of it.

The press was half full when we started, and half of that got pressed out into juice.  We opened the press and shifted things around a couple of times, and every time we did that we got more juice.  Finally we would get maybe ½ cup more, and then we said enough is enough.

Si says
I mean is the juice pulpy. Most commercial apple juice (not cider) has just a little pulp but is mostly juicy. Most home brew apple juice I have had is very pulpy. What is this juice like?

Seth says
it might have been a bit pulpy, but i strained it.  but even without straining,  it was not very pulpy … i drank a whole glass of it and never noticed any pulp.  and when i strained it, i got a thin layer of pulp left in the strainer.

Si says

Seth says
bear in mind, we cut up the entire apples, … skin, stem, seeds … and even in a few cases worm infection.  

i changed the title here to “Apple Juice” … your right, this is not “cider” … i don’t know how to make apple juice into cider … or why i would want to.   With cider i guess the liquid needs to be absolutely clear … me, i don’t know if i like it that way better … but some chiggy people obviously do. 

Si says
Okay. So this is a three step process. 1) shred. 2) press. 3) strain.

Unlike the new combination screw and centrifugal juicers that do it all in one step with pulp coming out one side and centrifugally separated juice out the other. I used one and they are pretty cool! But this old fashioned method looks really cool and satisfying if you have the time and I bet the oak adds to the flavor as well. rose

Si says
I was under the impression that cider also had sugar and perhaps other things added to it, making it more of a fruit drink than a fruit juice. Wherever I got that impression from (prolly my mom) was long ago though so I can’t verify it without google cider  

Seth says
yep that is pretty much it thumbs up.

i chopped the apples into small chunks with a butcher knife before i made the pulp … see picture.  so the whole process would be 1) collect apples, 2) chop, 3) pulp them in food processor , 4) press, 5) strain.

A centrifugal juicer would make it faster … no doubt in my mind.  I kid you not … i intimately experienced the difference here.   Of course one aspect of my experience is not included in your context there.   I got to work in Scott’s wood shop with all his tools and expert know-how.  For me, that tasts far better than the apple juice. 

Si says

Mark de LA says
Then, of course there is hard cider & vinegar to look forward to if you so choose. smug

Seth says
yes i am quite very thinking of that … and am not sure how or if it will emerge.  the trick here is to make something so very particular and unique and amazing in taste and complete feel, that one cannot just go buy it for $10 at Fred Meyer laughing ← inevitably expressing that is the Art that is in it for me.  In creating that expression i need to dink with the scope of what is included in the context of its complete taste.  and now i blush that i just wrote that sentence heart

Si says
Something I experienced at the transforms burn was whiskey shots chased with pickle juice shots. It was an unusually delicious and satisfying experience well out of the range one would expect. Perhaps there is a way to move in the direction of that experience in one fermented drink. (slight royalties expected if a real drink materializes from this idea <grin>)

Seth says

Seth says

Bonnie pressing apples.    This batch was sweeter, maybe riper apples.

It definitely works better with 2 layers of cheese cloth … no straining necessary.

Si says

Seth says

First fermenting experiment: a glass full of apple juice, with a surran wrap covering, placed in a dark cupboard at 11:44 AM, Monday August 1.  nothing was added to the apple juice.

Si says
Try adding some ginger to it next time.  Or now LOL.

Seth says
next time ? … me i am going to go add it now wink … ~ 1t fresh grated ginger added.

Si says

Seth says

Seth says
well yes there is more inside me that i am wanting to expose … for example a great idea that i just got and  need to talk to Scott about which was partially provoked by  some sweet sweet Asian pairs growing in group poolefarm which are definitely not growing ripe “inside of me”. 

and then too most of the sources of this experience were not “inside me” … as can be seen by a accurate interpretation of the pictures and descriptions in this thought.

Si says
Well, you are your experience of you, and everything you are aware of is your experience. Anything beyond that you have no awareness of. So I am not sure where you are drawing these lines or how anyone could prove lines like that exist if they do draw them. rose

Seth says

laugh well things that are not me, (not inside me), come to me thought my senses, like for example my open eyes when i see this bucket of fruit ready to chop and press.  That fruit is not in me yet, nor was it in me when i picked it off the ground with my hands, nor was it in me when it ripened on the tree on Bonies’s farm through the forces of sun and rain which, incidentally, were not in me either.  I can always tell the difference between what is inside me for which i can take crediy, and that for which i cannot take responsibility. 

I can not understand why this appears to be such a blurred line to you.   I  remember you explanations (or could look them up), something about your insides being reflected into your senses ….  but the  spirit of that model does not not stick,  and i do not experience it myself ….  nor do i want to.

Si says
I'm not talking about physical skin. You well know that. I am talking about you, which is all that you experience. The whole thing. That's you. And everything is in there that you do experience. What you don't experience, what is not you, you have no awareness of.

Seth says
i though we agreed not to use the notion called “physical” since it carries way too much baggage.  You see, i was not talking about the geographical aspects of my skin either … though you presumed that i was.  Rather, like you, i am talking about my experience.  I could rewrite my paragraph totally eliminating any implication of the geographic manifold called “my skin”.  

The point that i keep shouting to you, and you seem to continually ignore,  is that i become aware of that which is not me (not in my experience) though my senses.   I think, “if i forget that i had senses, then i might think like you think”.

Si says
Maybe you don't have senses. Maybe they are part of your experience. How would you know either way? Really, senses are there, something we talk about, in order to organize what we experience into categories.

Si says
You know, I really don’t get it. Your having a beautiful experience drinking your own home-made apple juice, going deep, actually experiencing aspects that most people never will. The “you create your own reality” model explains what is happening, predicts it, and even predicts that you can go deeper still, have an even richer experience, have more sensory information about the experience of drinking the juice until you are able to even feel the rich qualities of your creation as it happens.

Why is this bad? You are a person who likes to have deep, rich, and diverse sensory based experiences and that is exactly what you can improve upon by relaxing into the solid feeling that you create your reality. The less tangible inside/outside ideas you are holding onto so tightly can only take you so deep, not nearly as deep as you can go into the experience when you are the artist, the illustrator, the story teller, and can feel every aspect of that sparking into being inside your complete experience!  

Seth says
i think we need to unbundle this term, “creat your own reality” … or the one you frequently use, “creat 100% of your own reality” …. we need to go to the next level of detail to understand where we are looking at this differently.

Suppose there is a context and you are aware of every spirit (thing, same thing) in that context.  Now in that context you can synthesize new spirits … by combining ones there in new and unusual ways … or maybe creating a new spirit from scratch and including it in that context.   Were that all that life was, then i would see things your way.   But that is not what i experience.  Rather i can create and/or deploy a process that causes things to appear in this supposed context which are completely new to it … not a combination of other things and not things that i know i created there myself.  That process i deployed is commonly called a sense organ … it puts new things in my experience from i must assume outside of it.   I have no feeling or experience of creating those signals myself.   I know the difference in feeling between when i synthesize something or make it myself and when i sense something that is not already in my experience … it just feels different.   It feels completely different.  Especially when the thing was totally new and i had never experienced it in my life ever before.  Whereas those things that i experience every day feel more like your model describes … i just navigate to (or attract them of my own doing).  But when i really look and listen to what is outside myself, without over filtering it with my own experience, then i frequently get surprised and notice the world.  And that is what excites me.

What the apple juice tastes like me to me now is all my doing … i created that qualia … i would say of it that i am 100% responsible for it … and i take full credit as i get the joy and depth of the taste.  But i saw the apples on Bonnie’s tree with my eyes after she pointed them out … OMG, look at all  of those apples surprise!  I did not expect that.   I will not take credit for it … i did not do it myself … Bonnie tended the tree and the Earth and  sun and the rain and the spirit of apple created those apples … not me … i had literally nothing to do with it.  I feel i would be robbing them of their very spirit, were i to have the arrogance to claim that otherness as my doing.

Si says
I think it is so much simpler. Everything you experience, your entire reality, exists within the energy field of your being. Each person is an energy field. Each person has their own experience. At the base level of our being, we have full access to the experiences of others, not only one, but all variations that have ever been imagined. Our consciousness is a context within our being and what we are consciously aware of is dependant on our state of being, i.e. thoughts, beliefs, attitude, etc., and is never all, only a tiny part of all … hence the ability to perceive otherness and be surprised.

Everything we experience is actually inside our being, our energy field. When you talk to me in a room, you are talking to the version of me you are creating. I talk to the version of you I am creating.

The only real difference in understanding things this way compared to any other is that in this understanding circumstances are not bound to the state of being of others, but only our own state of being at the base level … hence our experience is only dependant on circumstances to the degree we believe it is and have agreements with others. All else is the same experience.

Seth says
I guess you know that you can look at this same thing from the point of view of the physical ...

So if we  substitute the word “head” for the word “being”, then your sentence, “Everything you experience, your entire reality, exists within the energy field of your head” would also ring true.  That is, after all, the way a neurosurgeon would see the situation.   That story obtains, even for me, my experience is all in my head.   That age old story, which just about every philosophy begins with, is undeniable. 

That story does not explain to us the meaning of the signals that come into our heads through our eyes, and  ears, and our other sense organs.   Except, like you say, those sense organs, provide our “ability to perceive otherness and be surprised”.

I believe that “circumstances are bound to the effects of others”,  and not to the beliefs about them in my head.    You are obviously free to believe instead only in the gestalts and filters that you have created inside your head.   No problem.  We can still work together well,  matching up what happens that we can share.

Si says

Seth says
this post got confused in dialogu … let it stand on its own.

alk about qualia ….

surprise OMG i can taste every part of the experience, apple tree, apples, peels, chop, press, wood shop and bonnies’s tree.

i couldn’t do that with the jugs of apple juice (same jugs)

… but it is just me

i doubt others will taste all of that.

Si says

Si says
Totally! It should be on it’s own … and be the instigator of a new thought … someday we will have that. rose

Si says
Apple juice fresh comment. cool

Seth says
too bad i didn’t knew you said at 9:40 that because it did not appear in my 3.0 news streme at of 9:40 Am.

Si says
 It could be a timezone thing. There is a huge amount of logic involved with timzones in the news. If it appears in 3hrs, then that is it. I will watch for timezone code that looks funky.

Seth says

Si says
Don’t think it was timezone after all. Think it is better now.  

Seth says
well if you buy a bottle in the store labeled “cider” it is clear and amber,  if it is labeled “apple juice” it is opaque.  so me, i am going with that as the final criteria between cider and apple juice.   but in today’s world one could just google it and get perhaps a more authoritive opinion on the matter.

Seth says
re harvest mayhem
i'm planning on bringing my apple press, some apples, a good knife, and a food processor to make apple mash for apple juice.   We need more apples and jugs to put the juice in.   If anyone can bring more apples or other fruit to mix with it and some jugs,  then we will have an abundance of fresh sweet organic apple juice ... maybe even enough to go all around.

Si says

Si says
If anyone has excess pears, they go great with apples!

Seth says
yes yes they do.   there are some asain pairs comming ripe at group poolefarm … i hope to collect some of those before saturday morning.

Si says

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 21224

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 21226

Seth says
thing is i want to move this entire train away from here.  the way you did it, the train remains here to distract from my apple press.

Si says
Thing is, this first part of the feature is as far as I got at 1:30am last night and said so and you didn't seem to read that. But this first part is super useful for the future. It will be the primary thing I use such that when I have a forking thought, I will just fork and not clutter the thoughts but simply leave a little conversation forked comment behind auto-magically so people can go "over there" and fork with me if they wish to. smiley

Seth says
one trick i have noticed is that if you take gallon jugs to a apple pressing you end up with more juice for yourself.   but  this may be just a superstition. 

incidentally this was a very tong in cheek comment null

Si says
Yes I get that it was tong in cheek  
And at the same time pointed to an aspect of reality not well explored yet!  
So here is a fork for it to expand it’s own apples → 

Conversation forked to thought 21373

Seth says

Seth says

← and here is the proof


Si says

Seth says
well @nathan, my dream is a press where we can just throw in whole apples … run the press … and collect the juice.   the problem is the scale … as you might expect there is a glut of apples this time of year in Washington state … little individual maches will not cut it.   i can envision building a giant apple press at Russell Farm and pressing apples from miles around … bring your own apples … get the juice … it will be a festive event indeed null

see my experments on “Building a more practical apple press

Si says

Seth says
null null

Very excited to debut our new Mobile Cider Press at Winlock Farmers Market today, Saturday 9/3 from 10-2pm. We are offering to press up to 40# of fruit for $6.00. Buyers need to bring their own fruit and containers for the cider. Let’s see how this flies!

Laura Sweany

Seth says
#OMG Laura Sweany has a bigger one … and some way to put in whole apples

Si says
Wow! Apple press wars!   

Seth says

Seth says
the #war is against apple #decay and human #sloth who are getting most of the #juice.

Si says
Well, that makes it sound like #NecessaryWork, Apple press war makes it sound more like fun. Who can build the biggest, best, fastest press? That’s fun … that the apples get used and the juice gets made as a result of the war is just makes a bunch of work a lot of fun.  

Seth says

Seth says
okay it’s not #necessary rather a #FunWar … #ScottHarris, #OnFacebook → here, is already an engineer and laura sweany is a general null … looking for more soldiers now. 

seeAlso “Building a more practical apple press

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