Which Woman Would You Rather See Every day on TV?

Watch Hillary age for the next 4 years or see Melania smile?


Si says
Mark de LA 2016-07-28 10:27:35 [item 21152#54869]
Today the drudge pic emplasises my point 
Well, our thoughts create us, even our physical bodies. Mine rocks … I think it so! What do you think she thinks?  

Si says
I don’t think she looks in the mirror much. Probably has others do her up. bug

Mark de LA says
I don’t think she thinks. My point here is do people, if they really thought about how often the president’s face shows up on TV, would really want to see this one many times an hour – especially watching the news.

Si says
No one who will vote for Hillary sees Hillary at all … they see one thing, the archetype of a woman president. That is what they are voting for, and after election, they will rejoice in that same image in their reality that they create.