Indigo Children

It is a fun idea & meme.  Maybe some of the Waldorf Schools could spread it better than public schools alongside of the Pygmaian Effect
OTOH – you might ask a random sample of middle schoolers in the public school system today what color “indigo” is. Make sure they don’t check their cell phones first. 


Mark de LA says
What does this have to do with Indigo Children .  Comment is misplacedcool

Mark de LA says
TiggerAndPoo 2016-07-23 15:29:58 [item 21160#54593]
Why not check their cell phones? What is wrong with utilizing what you create in your reality to resolve questions about your reality? Why do some people think there is only one way to get and use knowledge? Are you one of those who think people should still be using slide rules too?

What’s wrong with the general idea “if it works, do it”? Who is out there saying there is only one right way to get and apply information?
The idea about that was to see if the children knew themselves what the answer was. I was a familiarity thing. Maybe after a couple of hundred years the population will no longer have the faculty of remembering much more than what the M$M anchors into your head. Something like Max Headroom only worse.