Mango Chutney over Scottish Shortbread & Elephant Shit

About: recipe for mango chutney

← mangos cut and ready smug

some of these mangos were a bit green … oh well … maybe i’ll add some honey or sugar to compensate.

incidentally i have a much faster way to slay a mango … someday maybe i’ll do a you tube on that.

← simmering for a while.

i think i’ll make Scottish Shortbread instead of biscuits.

Shortcakes in the oven.  Lunch well before 2 PM.

Dinner is served … Potato Callaflower soup with mango chutney over Scottish shortbread.


  1. short bread
  2. food
  3. mango
  4. chutney
  5. caiflower soup
  6. elephant shit


Seth says

Mark de LA says
I thought you were opening a new market. laughing

Seth says
no its much simpler than that … i have 4 nice ripe mangos, now in the fridge … and i had a urge to make biscuits instead of garlic bread to go with the callaflower soup from yesterday … so i munged them together and looked for a recipe for the chutney.  ← munging can be great!  i’ll let you know the results.

Mark de LA says
Mark de LA 2016-07-28 08:40:43 [item 21178#54822]
Maybe biscuits to be eaten on a bus? laughing
KEWL! let us know if you have a good recipe.  I tried to make some several years ago & it was resource intensive including sugars, rinds, spices & time. Looking forward to yours.

Seth says
i’m going to try the recipe referred to in the about link. 

Please switch to 3.0 to have dialog with me on my thoughts!

Mark de LA says
then I have to go through the sandbox with the shitting elephant – phewie! crying

Seth says
surprise OMG … scared of a little elephant poo.

Mark de LA says
Well I would decorate your site with my poo collection, but hey this one’s good enough.

Seth says
well i don’t get why you would shit on mago chutney … and get that yuckey poo taste in your mouth … er, and in mine as well … after all you are not the only one here …. er, do you think that you are?

thanks for switching back to 3.0 in any case happy

Mark de LA says
Wasn’t shitting on your chutney, was emphasizing how I don’t like having to go through the elephant poop just to switch versions.  You poo-pooed laughing my being scared & I gave you a direct experience Delete if you got the point yet. Save it if not.

Seth says
well yes of course i got that.   you did tell me that you did not like going though that wierd assed test page when you switch … i got that the first time, and quite believe you did not like it  … i don’t particularly like it either but i have gotten used to it …. the extra graphic emphasis was not necessary to emphasize your point to me as i had already gotten it loud and clear ← perhaps you didn’t know about that end of my experience, which i had not till now shared publically laugh

sometimes i let these dialogues go on just according to what happens … other times i like to restrain them to a specific focus.  this one has become the former.  depending on how i want to share the chutney i will strain  out the elephant poo.  ← thanks for reminding me.

you may not want to go down these meta/meta/meta awareness trains with me … they can go quite deep … and one needs to pay careful attention, or one will just get confused and lost and then take a shit or something otherwise gross. grin

PS (re your edit):  Do you actually think that posting your elephant shit here informed me more about your dislike of your revisit to 21088?   It did not.  I quite know how you feel about visiting that page without your intent … after all i have done it quite a number of times myself and know what it feels like.  Me, i have gotten used to it.   You, you are apparently still scared of it … surprise OMG!  ← now you may well want to accept that and move on.   or not … we shall see ...

Mark de LA says
My extra edit was to emphasize your ignoring that you poo-pooped on mine! Simple. no automatic RWG needed.

Si says
How does this comment fit your golden rule model? I would call it misplaced-mirth, an attempt at being humorous about something that is annoying and thus feels more like a jab to those who read it than mirth.

Mark de LA says
I let the system adjust the colors according to its detection of the hardware.  Technically if I were to argue about the color – it is more like a dark orange-rose perhaps like what the manufacturer of popsicles would label strawberry flavor. smug

Mark de LA says
They would probably enjoy the FACT THAT THE MAJORITY OF THE COMMENTARY HAS NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH MANGO ON BISCUITS!  & a lot of it about poop.  (nothing to do with the group golden rule!smug

Si says
That is pretty close to what it is, though if you even a little bit are tempted to call it pink, then it is showing up lighter on your screen than it's true color index designates. If you look at it on an apple with an apple monitor you will see it's true color. Windows is horrible at matching color profiles to monitors. Best to get a color wheel and adjust your monitor, or the windows profile, to it. wink

Si says

Si says

Seth says

… which sure sounds like a flaw in the golden rule itself.  it justifies a psychopath hurting others, just because they don’t care what others do to them.  it justifies a machocist or a sadist doing just what they want themselves.   i think there are other rubrics that will perform better yet still do not assume any universal standard.  but sorry, i’m thinking about shrotbreads and mangos … not rubrics and rwg … and  evil offensive shits.

Si says
Nice dish! I am beginning to want it. First I thought the biscuit's make it sound too dry, but now that I see it … YES! You got something there! laugh

Seth says
thanks yes … sorry you guys are too far away to share it.

The shortbreads went well with the chutney … sweet sour to the max … with some heat from the cayenne pepper.  The cauliflower soup i thought actually went well with what  can only be thought of as a desert, yet i ate it all together and cleaned both plates.    For an unusual mung … not bad at all … i give it yesyesyes … especially since this is the first time i made it.

i don’t know what denise will say … this is kind of out of our usual fair … she usually doesn't like what she has not liked before.

Seth says
now all i need to do is figure out if i should serve it with elepant shit laughing

Si says

Si says
Well I could say that Mark has a huge affinity for shit, judging by how often he speaks of it, and deals it out … so he would like that. But if I say that he may run away screaming about Luciferic demons and never return, so I won’t say that.  

Seth says

Seth says
is it possible that mark’s elephant shit here actually improved the experience of the dish?

Si says
Yes. Most likely in fact, because without all of that I prolly would have ignored most of the rest of the post, as I usually do food posts, rarely my thing, and never delved into the final experience!  

Seth says

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