The Pussy Generation

About: clint and scott eastwood: no holds barred in their first interview together


ESQ: Politically, you're the Anti-Pussy party?

SE: That's right. No candy-asses.

CE: Yeah, I'm anti–the pussy generation. Not to be confused with pussy.

SE: All of us are pro-pussy.

laughingthumbs up – great interview. Wonder how the Snowden movie turns out.  Then too they made a movie of Benedict Arnold.  ← pussy generation might not even know who that is!  Making a hero out of a traitor bugs me a bit. Then too the current president himself is suspect as well as his secretaries of state. 


Si says
More on that.  

Mark de LA says
.. on what?

Si says
I put a link there to it, what happened to the link?
Oh, it’s there, it’s right under "More on that" smiley

Mark de LA says
Apparently the wussie-pussy generation wants to censure & delete other people’s opinions or anything (which is mostly different from theirs) .  I like Clint’s now famous comment on that (above).thumbs up

Si says
And so that is what we are pioneering for FBI as well this morning ... the whole issue of censoring is on the table due to the new forking feature. Have fun with it smiley (but no shitting please ... shitting will be forked elsewhere in the future and right now you can voluntarily shit elsewhere on your own) grin