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We all have the RWG down pretty well:
I’m right & you are wrong – that fundamental automatic metaprogram of the psyche that keeps arguments going.
Most of these (in an RS parlance) can be considered as automatic as the RWG & mostly features of the Luciferic Doubles.

The other nuances are:


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  3. RWG
  4. texture
  5. mosaic
  6. hmmm


Mark de LA says
testing thought 21239

Mark de LA says
WOW it worked – one more try thought 21239 

Mark de LA says

Si says
Wow! Now that’s a wild story. Kind of like a shoot out at boot hill huh? I loved stories like this when I was a kid. What do you think, do you love rwg now because you didn’t get to watch a lot of Westerns when you were a kid?

Mark de LA says
Somewhere around bullet 6 you probably fell in a snake pit. laughing

Si says
… and grabbed one and discovered it was a magic flying snake and rode it like a witches broom into the hills!  

Mark de LA says
kewl! maybe it will take you straight to Hawaii & Kīlauea for that long awaited volcano test. 

Si says
Been there done that already. Sorry, my camera melted though. No pictures!

Seth says
“i’m ok, your ok” happens with me quite frequently … honestly!   I do not assume that “I’m ok, you are not ok”  is a fundamental automatic metaprogram of my psyche.  But i know some others do at times. 

Mark de LA says
Thanks for the illustration thumbs up – automatic mismatch which, if true, theoretically wouldn’t get posted at all.smug

Seth says
it does not exemplify that it always happens … just that sometimes it happens.  this just happens to be a case where “you are wrong about the extent of the automiticity” and “i know it is not always so automatic”.   ← and yes a discrepency between our minds just happened again. 

Mark de LA says
I didn’t say it always happens.  Your instant mismatch seems pretty consistent, except when your only comment is a thumbs up. yes
Your underlying bottom line (see PR) seems to be minds will always differ between individuals.  I think you missed the point that if you agree you probably don’t need to say anything – hence no post except perhaps a thumbs up (or a listening noise in verbal discourse) ← constantly used in Japanese TV. 

Mark de LA says

Si says
Hummm … noticing some forward moving progress in Marks relationship to rwg. Things are looking up.   

(not sarcasm … I really mean this … it’s looking good)

Mark de LA says
What specifically did you like about it?  What specifically are you calling “good” ?

Seth says

Seth says
if i agree, yes absolutely,  i don’t need to say anything, except perhaps “yes” to reward the other for contributing to my feeling of truth.   but these things are not usually quite so very binary.  occasionally i can take something someone says as true in its own right, and use it to go just a bit even beyond that truth, … i feel even better when others do that to me … to be honest i like totally love it when that happens heart.

Si says
#LOL … just came across this. Quite frankly almost none of this has to do with Michael Hadley’s original treatment. Most of this is related to the convoluted loops Mark has personally constructed to maintain safety and stability in his reality while still treating people the way he does … i.e. not adapting until the response he gets is what he was looking for. This allows it all to be someone else’s fault instead of “The meaning of your communication is the result you get”. This way, he can define the meaning, and if the response does not match, its not Mark’s fault at all, it is just the Right Wrong Game.  

You could actually call this MRRG (Mark’s Really Right Game)  

True story, just saying.

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 22062

Mark de LA says
While “the meaning of your communication is the response you get” , while an NLP staple from TR et al, has it’s challenges, one of which is shows up when you communicate with people whose already-always way of being is one of opposition (polar mismatchers ). Such ends up in an endless-loop of argument which is one form of the #RWG 

Si says
I am not so sure about that. For one thing, many very observably great communicators live by that motto and don’t seem to have the problem with it that you suggest. They are doing something to make it work.

Another thing is that your own way of utilizing the Right and Wrong stuff seems to be very particular to you and opportunistic. I don’t see you, very often if ever, varying from your idea of how people should communicate, into the zone of trying things and seeing if they work or not … it rather seems like you use the right wrong thing as a fall back so that you don’t have to put yourself out there with authentic variances of your communication. I’m open to the idea that you do “try new things”, but I have not been able to find any examples. The way you communicate seems very exact and stable and consistent for the whole 11 years of dialog here at FBI … which is to say you do not appear to be varying your communication particulars to try and get different results … hence on what do you base these challenges?

Mark de LA says
yep more mismatching.  your response usually, unilaterally & this time too does not mean what I said .
Ditto for Seth. 
All I can say is perhaps & maybe you think & believe that null

Si says
Okay. Well you have your board here, and you can come and add new things to it whenever the result you get from others doesn’t match with what you intended to communicate. I am sure there are many more distinctions that can be made about that happening.

Me, I would rather set an intent for my communication, and keep adapting until the intent is reflected back to me, than to list out why it didn’t work, or why communication is simply faulty to start of with, as the above seems to indicate.

Seth says
#hmmm … after reading the above … i just noticed that

mark’s approach seems to be a method for “tuning out” …
and nathan’s seems to be a method for  “tuning in”. 

Does that hang together for either of you?

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