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TiggerAndPoo says ...
It is in the plans, but not that way. It should be done locally so that all the software and state does not have to be reloaded from the server. It is in the plans, when I get to it.

Right now, even just going to another thought clears the yellow out, so it isn’t a big deal unless you are just staying on the same thought. It is in the plans, when I get to it.


Seth says
okay yes.

it’s just that we learn new possiblities by using it, and those new possiblities will not show up (at least to me) untill all the inconviences is gone.  ← just saying

Si says
Okay … and yet I have to develop in a way consistent with my story and my story says

1) I already have a complete model in my head of how things will work and I am simply bringing things up to it piece by piece.

2) I have limited time to spend here … so I work on what is most exciting to me.

I have no problem with you keeping track of things like this thought thought … if it works for you, do it.  

Seth says

Seth says
i just noticed, that “going to another thought clears the yellow out” does in fact mean that i don’t need to always keep doing the refresh smug.  

Si says