Building a more practical apple press

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...Apparently laura sweany has a better press ….. #OnFacebook → here
#onFacebook → here
Re my old idea of dropping a heavey weight from several feet in the air ⬇︎

the result of 11 pounds dropped on 3 apples from 3 feet

the result on 57 pounds dropping on 3 apples from 4 feet …

the bad news being that i broke my chopping board

oh well


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Seth says

Laura Sweany Sure does! You can see Jamie dropping apples into the grinder, and I am turning the grinding wheel while the ground apples are dropping into the rear bucket. The forward bucket has the press completely lowered, and the juice is flowing into the black bucket on the ground in front of the unit. In the foreground, almost obscuring the juice bucket, is the garbage can that will receive the pressed pulp - to be fed to the pigs. If we had a still, we could distill the apple mash and make brandy, eau de vie, or apple vodka - as well as produce methanol for running cars or farm equipment. Its one handy unit!


#IWant one in #RentonFarmersMarket

Seth says

Can you help me build a more practical apple press?

Private email and facebook post

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