About: Foldable Stereo Headphones - HEADPH6

product search:   stereo, cheap, over the head, little cups. 

wel ended up ordering online from directron here

directron account now under vendor

Check if these are actually identical to our previous product !


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Seth says
re: Digital Stereo Headphones

web chats like this are funny … somtimes even informative …

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you: i want at least 24 .... and yes include shipping

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you: Seth Russel

you: buyer for speaktomecatalog.com

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you: the rest available if you have the goods at the price i want

Joe: Well, I can't quote the shipping without an address.

Joe: What's your budget for this?

you: well too bad about that LOL

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you: budget is to get the best buy and quality at a reasonable quanity

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