Projective Geometry as a Dynamic Map & Model

One can look for static representations of ideas & concepts such that relationships show up better.  Some like the Brain are even as facile as applications in Internet Browsers . Projective geometry can model both time & consciousness. Much on that later. The keys are the cross-ratio, calculating conics & the correspondences between projections, involutions, conjugates etc.  See the index of a modern book on the subject. Instead of fixed points & structures like tetraks there are dynamic ones & transformations of such that one can look at various things from different vantages. (inside & outside or ???) PR has interesting things to say on contemplating the essence of space in one of his recent news letters. 
An example of interesting space is this from the unpublished projective geometry little   book S.’.S.’.S.’. KIM KHAI – Golden Pheasant:
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Mark de LA says
In between dreams last night I contemplated nature of space – particularly in relationship to the big bang theory of cosmology. Briefly, without space there is no place within which the bib bang can happen. The idea that all the matter & energy in universe can be condensed into an infinitesimally small “black hole” is as preposterous; requiring much more belief than “God Did it”.  But without space it is even infinitely silly or creates space as it goes?

Mark de LA says
PR also hints that space is a concept used to separate things in an objectified world but doesn’t really exist.

Mark de LA says