What is a lie really?

I am only writing this because the word “lie” has been used so often lately to represent things that it is not.

A lie is only one thing. A deliberate misrepresentation of what the person lying believes.

A lie is not: To be a lie, you have to know that you are saying something different than you believe and intend to deceive someone by doing so.



Si says
One place this shows up very obviously is when a person takes a lie-detector test. The test is only doing one thing, showing the variance between what the person taking the test believes, and what they are saying, by reading their neurological responses.

The test is not comparing what the person says to some universal truth that all should believe. There is no such thing. There may be, at times, many commonly shared beliefs. There is not some universal truth. There is only what a person believes to be true … and if that person intentionally miss-represents that belief, then they are lying.

Mark de LA says
Yep the context of a lie-detector is about physiological responses when asking a question.  There are even more interesting ones available when they use fMRI & other brain-neuroligical scans.  Some claim they (technicians) can even read your mind.  Not much of such is about lies & truth – just interpretations & stories. null

Si says
Exactly! Interpretations and stories, that is what exists. That is what experience is composed of. Tell me anything that you experience that is not “interpretations and stories”.