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  1. Cognitive assonance - The way your brain finds pleasure in grouping like concepts together. Assonance itself is the repetition of vowel sounds in a sentence; cognitive assonance, then, is the repetition of themes in a mind.
  2. Fo Hammer – the act of making something private that was public so that you can get back at them for not playing by your rules and validating your idea of how things should be done, said, thought about, commented on, etc. Name comes from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
  3. Graffiti – Something that is put there only for the reason of the putter and not in relationship to what else is there.


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Si says
To be graffiti, it has to be put there only for the reason of the putter and not in relationship to what else is there. I have never personally seen graffiti here at FBI yet. Everything people put is in relationship to what is already there, that person’s own point of view about it.

Just because it is not your point of view, or you do not want to hear how it relates to the other content there, does not make it graffiti.

Mark de LA says
Then too something you say or write is always your own purpose & may or not serve the purpose of the original author or the greater good just because you think it does.

Si says
Yes it does serve “just because I think it does” if I am authentically representing what I think. Any other person may not agree with that, but that is simply a conflict of agreement and belief, not of serving. Whatever any individual believes serves is what does serve for that individual.

What serves anything is not an absolute, it is always an individual idea. What I believe may not match what you believe and you may choose to remove what I believe because you don’t like that it does not match, but that does not make what you believe any more valid than what I believe and it does not make what I post graffiti as long as what I am posting is authentically what I believe about the context the post is in.

Mark de LA says
Sometimes it sounds like your responses are made up by Siri or SeriTD. The above is least Siri like or selfie-like.null

Si says
It is authentic and I believe it to be true. That is enough for me. It could be enough for you too if you listen authentically to yourself and not gecko’s.  

Mark de LA says
I don’t speak or listen to geckos. Belief is not my criteria for “true” . Authentic just means you are the author … not much more. I am not going to get into “your truth” versus “my truth” this AM. 

Si says

Si says
That is an authentic statement. It is all about “your truth”. I am good with your truth … I am not so good with the many things you parrot from the gecko gallery.  

Mark de LA says
phooey! null

Si says
Non content slams, put downs, and general shitting upon will usually be removed from my posts. I welcome all ideas, beliefs, and points of view. I do not welcome punches that are there just because you don’t like something … especially if you are not willing to explain “your differing point of view”.

There is some extra leeway in this “gossip” group for that kind of thing however … this groups purpose is to be wild and silly and maybe even crude … and blow off steam. It has punching bags for you to punch and null for you to shit on.  

Mark de LA says
DITTO! hence the phooey!

Si says

Seth says

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