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seth says ...
Wheather true or partly an exaggeration for dramatic effect, Al Gor’s movie is an important document for any study of current events or scientific awareness of what is happening on our planet.   A child would not be educated were they not presented with these materials.  The skeptics arguments should also be presented.  This is a fine example of how important it is to educate children in how to delve into a matter and decide for themselves what to believe. 

I have spent some time myself delving into the contraversy - though not enough to be confident of a definitive finding.  One claim made be Al Gore in the film was "consensus of scientific opinion is that Earth’s climate is being affected by human activities."   My studies of this claim are on the node Oreskes vs Peiser.  I determined that the claim was supportable.  My opionion was strongly influenced by the study made by Peter Norvig, an AI Scientist at Google.   I think studying this contraversy is an excellant subject for learning in our schools and i see no reason not to start by watching the movie itself.


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Seth says
@nathan, why is this not the first, most recent, thought in group seth ?

Si says
Because somehow you have it in your back room even though the back room tag is not applied (unless you made the back room tag hidden so that only you can see it?)

Back room is actually a status of thoughts … the system keeps the tags synchronized with the thought status so that you can make a tag room out of it … but if you hide the tag I won’t know it is there … or you found a way to trick the system around keeping the tag synchronized.

Seth says

Al gore notified the consciousness of us humans as to this potential change (disaster?) coming to our lives.  There may well be some things in that documentary which after further study may be determined to be exaggerations or outright unsupportable by experience.   But none the less, the notification was an important event in our lives.  Suppressing or degrading that notification is, me thinks, short sighted to say the least.

Si says
So which is it? Do you see the back room tag in hidden status? Or did the system miss keeping those in sync?

Seth says
all i did was to intentionally delete the “back room” tag just so that it would appear on the top of my room and the river and hence come to other people’s attention.   in other words,   i intended to take this thought out of the back room, but apparently can not. 

Si says
You can in 2 ways.
  1. Use the new back room gadget on the thought menu that I made for you last week.
  2. Simply remove the tag using !back room in the tag field.
Either of those should change the status even if the tag is not there.

Seth says

i see no “hidden” back room tag.

Mark de LA says
LIES OK – move along sheep!null … not you chicken little you get to sit at the head of the tbale & pniac. Or become lunch .

Si says
Okay, that’s fine, there is some misfire. But you should still be able to remove the status either of the ways I say in the next thread here.

Seth says
i had thought that we had agreed to take the back room flag off the tagging system.  the way it is now is way too cumbersome for the likes of me.  of course, i have no problem in the meanwhile … in this case i would just republish, then it should go to the top.  in fact i will do that now.  ← woopse! that did not work either …. the thought itself is still buried null.  

in fact right after i forked it, i totally lost it … and could only find it when  i found where i  forked it from the original and was able to tag it to the top of global warming.

Seth says
@mark, where is the lie, and who told it?

Si says
The back room status has been out of the tagging system for a long time. What I did for you is add a menu item on thoughts for that as you suggested.

The tag is still kept so that there can be a “back room” room without having to create a whole separate room … the tag room does it nicely.

I believe I found the hole and fixed it.

But so far you have not said that you tried to change the status using the menu as I suggested?

Si says
You can change back room status by adding or removing the tag, or by the menu on the thought. Both work and do the same thing. It can’t be easier than that and makes a really nice room too.

The hole was in the new tag editor, but that should be fixed now.

Seth says
null omg i missed that.

null Kudos indeed null

Si says

Mark de LA says
not going down that road again with all of the falsified data and all – see global – won’t reply any more an that subject.

Si says
My opinion is that global warming is a fact and is a good thing. It will uncover and allow population of large areas that have been too cold during the mini-ice age we have been in for the last few thousand years.

I personally think we are a part of that. Mother nature is using us, instead of volcanic emmissions this time, to bring about the end of the current cold spell and make things ready for the rather large influx of people who are coming to participate in the age of Aquarius.  

The loss of some coastal areas will be small compared to the gain in Canada, Siberia, and the Sahara Desert. The fact that humans have heavy populations in those coastal areas is not a concern of the larger consciousness in play. We will have time to move out and the need to economically shift will help our own consciousness expand in good ways.

The human population of the planet was at it’s lowest during the middle ages while those here did our “Game of Thrones” universe model exploration thing … now it is dramatically increasing as we head into the LOA and multi-verse based abundant age coming and will continue to increase for quite a while yet.
~ the tig – facilitating your changes to your reality

Mark de LA says
The half-life of scientific fact may only be 100 years or less. Global warming gets to be a hot issue in the Summer & then potential ice ages cool it down in the Winter.null
See the I AM movie they start out with that idea & how science changes. Some interesting new things on the thinking of the heart etc. Enjoy your opinions they give your mind something to do. Vacuums suck in all kinds of stuff.

Si says

Si says
Well, that very nicely fits with my stories about what Science is … if you have been reading my stories about it the last 2 weeks.  

Mark de LA says
haven’t noticed anything so describednull

Si says
Okay, well I mostly write in the news, not the river, but perhaps one day I will collect the stuff … comment cloning and moving will be here soon and that will help.  

Si says
This should be all fixed now so that things stay in sync no matter what you do.

One notable side effect is that if you do delete or rename the “back room” tag group wide, you will in fact take all the thoughts in your whole group out of the back room.

You can make the “back room” tag private if you wish to do so … that’s an interesting way to keep a thought out of your group front room feed while also preventing the thought from appearing in the back room to others … it’s almost the same effect as putting a thought in draft mode … only you will see it anywhere, including the back room, unless someone knows it’s id to go to it directly … but it won’t have the other side effects of draft mode like the yellow boarder and the ability to edit plugin code. I can think of a few uses for that. Nice resilience and flexibility in the new system!

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 21346

Seth says
whatever mark, but you actually besmirched my thought here by calling it a lie and now will not even tell me who lied or about what.   ← i call that breaking the 3 law here.  

so could you please delete that particular comment here ?

Mark de LA says
I like new thoughts.  Same old ones with RWG/LOA/Opinion/fuzzy logic or mixed & munged – sometimes made with water from drainage ditches (comments from other thoughts) is not helpful. 

Si says
Um … yea I guess. Yesterday and the day before I was mentioning that you seemed to live in a sewer or gutter … maybe this is the visibility of it?

Mark de LA says
I prefer not to! You folks designed this structure. Delete it yourself.  I have to put up with yours by hiding the whole thought. … hoisted on your own petard . Enjoy the wedgie. The lies are in the data manipulation which is well documented. 

Seth says
SiriTD does not allow use to delete the content of others, as that would break the 1st law.

Si says
What does it matter who said what anyway? It all turns out to be a good thing for us, for the planet, for consciousness.  

Mark de LA says
Must still have your head up your ass – things look better when you pluck it out.null

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 21347

Mark de LA says
& … especially the global grab of power & money sucked in in the name of environmentalism by the global elit & worthless bodies like the UN. null

Si says
Oh, they are just playing their part … sucking up the finances … which will help with the economic redistribution and re-understanding as the coastal region exodus begins throwing the current financial system into turmoil. All part of the lager plan and each player is doing their “exciting” part without even realizing what it actually means in the larger picture.  

Si says
Well, as we both know so well from our study of NLP, the only way to get rapport with someone with their head up their ass is to stick our own up there too! Them’s the apples. null

Mark de LA says
This is going nowhere – your head is already up there – no room for another one! null

Si says

Mark de LA says
All hail Chaos! All hail Choronzon.!  Vote for Trump I say – you will get the most HOPE for CHANGE When/where has redistributionism worked on any large scale?

Si says
Okay, you win. nullnull

Mark de LA says

Si says
I wasn’t talking about redistributionism, interesting that’s what you filled it in with. I’m talking about evolution of the capital system … you were much closer in that post about hippies and future cities I saw a few weeks ago. The one with the nice picture of green growing on buildings.  

Mark de LA says
musta beeen seeth
What does N’s post of this mean null

 sucking up the finances … which will help with the economic redistribution and re-understanding as the coastal region exodus begins throwing the current financial system into turmoil.

Si says
The redistribution and re-understanding will happen naturally, as a by product of the turmoil coupled with the solid base of new age understandings that are becoming the grass roots foundation across our country, and most of the world. The things that are not in the news.

Mark de LA says
Maybe the Illuminati laughing Maybe Choronzon & Chaos like I said.

Si says

Si says
Maybe no entity at all … maybe just our collective consciousness chugging along.  

Mark de LA says
Maybe just turtles all the way down …….. & zebras all the way up nullnull

Seth says
we can redefine what we think the word “science” points to.   there is no use in ragging on what you don’t like about it.  to me science is the methods which yield results that can be reliably shared with others.  its hard to rag on that unless you have a aug against reliably sharing results with others.  note the emphasis on reliable.  you don’t need any scientific methods to share with others, and sharing unreliably may feel just as good.

Si says

Si says
I’m good with that.  

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