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Declare what you want – it’s all vibes of YOU. null

Patterning your life after fiction null kewl

This is one of the degrading patterns I talk about. On the surface, each comment has a little tiny ring of truth about it. But in the context of the larger dialog that is happening where these comments were made (see the About link) the comments are not interactive … they simply state something appearing to be obvious, sometimes with attempted humor, and always with an undercurrent of an attack on the others ideas … as if what the other is earnestly saying has no value.

When this continues, these kind of comments from you @mark, nearly always get more and more degrading until they actually contain insults and fowl language or pictures … or you simply say something that has the effect of “you suck, I’m out of here” … there are many examples of this exact pattern here at FBI for the last 10 years.

This is one of the patterns I call bullying. You may not agree with what the other is saying, and then you should either respond with something useful from your point of view, or bow out gracefully, or even simply speak your mind as you say you desire to do. These comments are not your mind, they are just jabs, pushing at the other to get a rise out of them … simple bullying. They don’t help explore the ideas on the table, they just make others feel bad and you feel more in control by having had that effect.