Fun Exercise

This AM I chased down a feeling tonality I had heard once in a movie. I wanted to capture the words “your’re fired” with that tonality.  I did not know the movie, the actress’ name nor the exact line nor the triggering word.  All I had was a tonality in my mind – no word.  I finally did it though. Below is the clip of Neve Campbell in one of my favorite movies Wildthings.  The tonality is the way she says the word poison
Politically speaking I would like to have the electorate say the words “you’re fired” in that same tonality to our current government. The interchange occurs ~ near the movie time line #140 – the whole clip is worth it though. nullnull


  1. attitude
  2. tonality
  3. poison


Seth says
like she savored it?

Mark de LA says
Not really – more like she surprised, conquered & killed the asshole! 

Seth says

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