Attain & Obtain - Further Study

attain (v.) Look up attain at
c. 1300, "to succeed in reaching," from ataign-, stem of Old French ataindre (11c., Modern French atteindre) "to come up to, reach, attain, endeavor, strive," from Vulgar Latin *attangere, corresponding to Latin attingere "to touch, to arrive at," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + tangere "to touch" (see tangent(adj.)). Latin attingere had a wide range of meanings, including "to attack, to strike, to appropriate, to manage," all somehow suggested by the literal sense "to touch." Related: Attained; attaining.
obtain (v.) Look up obtain at
early 15c., from Middle French obtenir "acquire, obtain" (14c.), from Latin obtinere "hold, hold fast, take hold of, get possession of, acquire," from ob "to" (though perhaps intensive in this case; see ob-) + tenere "to hold" (see tenet). Related: Obtained; obtaining.
Touchstone was RS’s fundamental book Knowledge of the Higher Worlds & Its Attainment 
Touch versus Hold


Si says
All of these match well with my simpler definition.

To bring into one’s experience.

Mark de LA says
Just introduced the word experience which does not simplify.  
PR has a nice description of some of that here

Seth says