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vibration (n.) Look up vibration at
1650s, from Latin vibrationem (nominative vibratio) "a shaking, a brandishing," noun of action from past participle stem of vibrare "set in tremulous motion" (see vibrate). Meaning "intuitive signal about a person or thing" was popular late 1960s, but has been recorded as far back as 1899. Related:Vibrational.
vibrate (v.) Look up vibrate at
1610s (intransitive) "move to and fro;" 1660s, "swing to and fro;" from Latin vibratus, past participle of vibrare "set in tremulous motion, move quickly to and fro, quiver, tremble, shake," from PIE *wib-ro-, from root *weip- "to turn, vacillate, tremble ecstatically, move quickly to and fro" (source also of Lithuanian wyburiu "to wag" (the tail), Danish vippe, Dutch wippen "to swing," Old English wipan "to wipe"). Transitive sense "cause to vibrate" is from c. 1700. Related: Vibrated; vibrating.
resonate (v.) Look up resonate at
1873, from Latin resonatus, past participle of resonare "to sound again" (see resonance). Literal at first; figurative sense, of feelings, emotions, etc., by 1978. Related: Resonated; resonating.
resonance (n.) Look up resonance at
mid-15c., in acoustics, "prolongation of sound by reverberation;" 1660s, "act of resonating;" from Middle French resonance (15c.), from Latin resonantia"echo," from resonare "to sound again" (see resound). Earlier in same sense was resonation (early 15c.).
I suspect , previous conversations about vibration notwithstanding, that LOA is trying to capture the idea of resonance rather than vibration where something needs to vibrate & the answer of “what vibrates = YOU” is insufficient. See PR ontology if you care to grok what YOU is. null



Mark de LA says
Perhaps a similar problem exists surrounding the notion of The Big Bang in that when one tries to imagine beginnings & a big bang there is always something going bang. null Nothing is truly hard to imagine. See BofNK or PC if you want to go down the road to Nothing.

Seth says
yes it is a logical problem.  our language has yet to evolve to the point where we can talk about it and make any sense to each other.  i am sure that we will keep trying … eventually we will make up some words in which we can say things about how this all began and they ring true.   until then, me, i just wallow in its amazement … that is enough for the likes of me.

Mark de LA says
Consciousness does not require words. One can be or is conscious without needing words.  My morning contemplation this AM again confirmed it.  Memory may need the clothing of words for most situations, but even that I suspect is only apparent – see my thought 21365 for an example. 
 ← ringing true may just be resonance. null

Seth says
yep, consciousness may not need words … but certainly talking about it does null.

incidentally consciousness may well  need representations of some form or another.  for me the joury is still out on that one.

Mark de LA says
representing something is not that which is represented. you are still fighting direct experience – with a jury that is deadlocked.