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Si says
Don’t know what external links are, but possibly fixed now.

Seth says
perhaps some of them like http://www.fastblogit.com/item/21395 just got fixed … this one http://www.fastblogit.com/seth is still seriously borken.   open an private browsing session (incognito) in any browser so that you are not signed on, and you will doubtsly see what i mean. 

Si says
Looks like this for me.

Seth says
well something is wrong …. this is what my blog is doing now …

Si says
Well that looks fun! Wheeee!  

Tried it in chrome in a small window like yours and tried it in Firefox private window. All worked for me. If I think of something to try I will.

Seth says
did you try it in a privite browsing window ?

this is the second computer and the second browser that it goes wiggy in a private browsing window … you know, the way most people will see it … no cookies or whatever operating.

Si says
Yes. Both. You can see that in my picture. That is google chrome Incognito … the little icon in the upper left of the window, the eyes under the hat, represents that.

Seth says
http://www.fastblogit.com/seth yields a blank page in Safari in a privite browsing window.   also the “to group” menue yields the same blank page for all groups.

Si says
It doesn’t appear that way here … and I never use Safari so this is first time, no cookies. Notice Safari, guest account, Seth blog, and go to group menu. Been looking for errors or any clues to follow, but none so far.

Seth says
i rebooted Airiel and she seems to be ok in Safari … but there is still the wierdness with private browsing on http://www.fastblogit.com/seth as reported on facebook.  if you don’t see it, i guess its on my network.  

strange though, mark’s blog comes in just fine in a private browser

just some strange gremlin i guess


Seth says
ok, new information.   doesn’t matter about the private browser.  

if I paste http://www.fastblogit.com/seth into the url in firefox, or type it in, i get the cycling effect.

if I type in fastblogit.com/seth in the address line, i get the effect.

but if I type in fastblogi.com/mark , i do not.  once i am on mark’s blog, i can take the link to mine and it shows ok. 

seems to be something about resolving my particlar url. 

so if i take the hyperlink from my signature line in my email, it cycles,  … if i then stop it and change seth to mark, i see his blog stable… then i can take the hyperlink to me blog and all is as it should be. 

it’s not really a problem for me here locally … i just want others to be able to get to my blog.  so far i have yet to have anyone report that they can not get to it. 

@mark,  can you type “fastblogit.com/seth” into the address bar of Firefox and get to my blog stably?

Now in Safari, and Chrome i can type in fastblogit.com/seth and get my blog.  

Mark de LA says
Yep works OK. Something logged me out of my authorship last night & I had to log back in again though. I am of course mostly using Windows 10 & chrome.

Seth says
thanks mark.  

hmmm …. so now seems its just my network and specifically Firefox. 

Mark de LA says
Also works with Safari.

Seth says

on thing i notice is that  FBISESSID in my FireFox cookie seems to be acessed every few seconds.

and, when i type in the “seth url which cycles”, flashes in just about the same frequencey as the cycle.  that cookie is being accessed during the flashing happening.

i could take a video if it would be interesting to SeriTD

Seth says
oh well … i’ll let SiriTD sort things out as she will …. me, i’m moving on to more exciting happenings …

Si says
I actually would have thought the opposite, because Mark’s blog has had videos and other embedded content that was messing things up back in early 3.0.

That is one thing you can check for though … see if you have some embedded content or plugin content on the first page of your blog that makes a difference if you move it to the back room for a spell.

Si says
The session cookie should cycle every time news is checked. That’s normal. But it could be that the flashing is happening on that cycle.

Seth says
well i did have a youtube embed on the first page,  i put it in the back room, and stll get the wiggy cycyling.

Si says

Seth says

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