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I think my state of being where i seem to be synched with myself and my environment and exciting things can easily be done like floating downstream  -is-  indistinguishable to me form what is commonly called “being high” … a term frequently used back in the 70s along with “groovey” or “in the flow”.   I go there now frequently, with no drugs at all, and i love it null.   But i can not stay there null.   I go up and down … high and low … almost cyclically.    And so if i am low, the trick is to get high, and if i am high, the trick is to stay high. 

Now i have been around the block a bit, and am quite accustomed to this cycle.   I  don’t get anxious when i am low about being low,  and dn’t even try to get back high.  I  accept whichever mood is going down.   I do try to time it …  i have my ways … but when i am low, i have no need to use special methods to get back high.   So that is the state of affairs.

There is more to think about here beyond me noticing that i am moody … perhaps i will think about being moody in the context of the meaning of my life.


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Si says
Yes! It is very similar, but without chemicals.  

In fact, Abraham says if you do use chemicals it is best to use them simply to find the place so that you can then get back there without them.

It is nice that by simply following your excitement and staying in flow you can have the same result as getting high with chemicals but without any of the chemical side effects, especially the after crash.  

Seth says

Seth says
do you stay high all the time?

Si says
Nope. I would say 20% of the time. I am a novice.  

Seth says
it almost seems mine are cyclical.   have you noticed a cyclical nature in yours?

Si says
Yes. And Abraham talks a lot about why that is … and sorry to say it, but it is LOA again. Humans are set up to notice what is different, because what is different stands out against whatever is the same. So when all is really nice and good we tend to notice what is not good and so that becomes more in our thoughts and sets up attraction for it and so we follow the building momentum to it. Same on the other side, when there are a lot of little irritations we eventually get numb to them and notice the little good things and start attracting them until we are up again.

Thing is, because people don’t realize that this is happening, it is easier to get caught on the down side noticing more and more negative things and falling into cycles of depression without ever reaching a high cycle. This is mainly because we are taught in our society to mistrust good feelings, or that they are fleeting, or that we should balance out the good with the negative. A huge number of people are on ant-depressants because of this simple cycling and not understanding what to do about it on one’s own.

It is very easy to manage the cycles if one knows what to do … i.e. all one has to do is deliberately notice good things that happen, and deliberately shift thoughts away from irritating things and not dwell on them, and then the cycles hover on the positive side instead of the negative side or in the neutral area … and even stay up in the high state longer and more often.

It is that easy, but it is not common knowledge to do that, even though it is so simple. Common practice is the opposite. People who naturally do that are teased and called Pollyanna’s and many other things we do as a society to bring the high ones back to our level, where we are comfortable with them again. We have lots of phrases to do this like “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”, “There is no such thing as a free lunch”, “Lets not get carried away”, and many more. We equalize the cycles out of social habits of thought.

Common practice is to only hit high states when enough good thoughts randomly happen on their own to attract one up there, and also in situations where it is socially acceptable to be so happy … or to use drugs. Where as all one really has to do to go up at any time is start noticing the little good things, smelling the roses, and avoid the momentum of the bad thoughts, and up they will go, thought by thought, to the high state. To stay there, or be there more often, is simply changing the common habits of thought to be habits of high thinking instead of habits of equalized or even low thinking.

Si says

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