Little Essays on Truth - comment 57555

Mark de LA says ...
[comment 21400#57547] read the word bashing & see what it means. null cut loose also bully punching as a notion & transcend some more.


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Seth says
null wow … do comment references actullly work now?

Si says
Probably. Wile perusing in FF yesterday I noticed some FF only issues, which researched down to the fact that chrome likes document.scrollTop and FF likes html.scrollTop … but both will work with window.scrollTop and so I fixed that in several places.  

In other words, they have worked in chrome for quite a while, and now probably work in FF much more than they did.

Seth says

Seth says
i had not even realized that we can write comment references ourselves … but i was aware of the ones that SiriTD wrote … some of them worked  … some did not.

Seth says
… or did mark just write a hyperlink?

Si says
Well, then perhaps not if you mean literally writing [comment bla bla] because I didn’t implement that specifically, though SeriTD may have. What I mean is that the underlying url, which should scroll to a comment, is now working better in all browsers.

Seth says
let me see if i can do it …  [comment 21400#57547] ← does that work?

nope, SiriTD does not notice when we write these references which aparently only she can write.

Si says
I have had nudges to implement that … would be easy … might.  

Seth says

Seth says
null i wonder if this would work → 21400%252357547 or thought 21400%252357547

null wow … works like a charm.   She just does not hear us say “comment”.

Si says

Si says
However @mark, since you wrote that last as absolute using and I was running on simple, it did switch me out to a whole new browser session when I followed it.  

Which is actually a hole … I’ll put it on her list.

Seth says
null i wonder …. does the difference that SiriTD’s  has between and has something to do with the problem encountered in External links for guests ?

Si says
Not sure. But it is an interesting idea to explore sometime. Right now I have a few focused things to do before work and not that.  

Seth says

Wizard says
i was able to move this thought from my group seth to group fib easily using Chrome.   When i tried to do it using FF, the move to list appered and then rapidly disappeared … so i could not move it. 

Si says
Well @seth, the dropdown menu does close right away in FF for some reason, but for me in FF, clicking on the down caret gadget opened it right back up and it stayed. Also, you can always just type in a group name. The dropdown closing right away in FF is interesting … unfortunately the dropdown is a 3rd party plugin so I can’t easily troubleshoot it.

Seth says

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