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Seth says ...
forget about geckos … this is not about them.

incidentally Ahraham’s observatios fly directly in the face of @mark’s arguments against identity groups … and for that matter his solution to racism … not to mention my own respect for otherness and tolerance itself.


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Si says
I’ve already weighed in on those and anything more would be me out of my business. Thanks.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Agreement from the gecko notwithstanding. nullnullnull I like the way Seth threw in his pile of obsessions & tags at the last minute.  Tag & topic salad supreme!  Maybe throw in a gecko on top as an o’dourve . null
 There is a nice article on the subject of symbology & occultism in the Breck website Occult Digest if you folks care to chase it. I read it yesterday as congruent with a lot of hex 5 .

Seth says
well i threw it in because it is there … follow ah’s words and then follow your own re racism and idnetity groups and it is hard for me not to expect that you will see my point.  for me it is hard to believe in ah’s words and to also believe in your solution for racism being “just identify with the parts of being human that we all share”  ← my characterization, sorry.

Si says
Well, by observation of all of @mark’s thoughts and comments here at FBI for the last 11 years, @mark mistrusts that which is different than him. He mismatches it, pounds it, laughs at it, hides it, besmirches it, munges it, ridicules it, and pretty much everything except dance with it or say it’s good. If it’s not like him and his ideas, it seems to be his self appointed duty to belittle and suppress or discredit those who speak it. True this is my personal judgment of the material here, but the material is all there for anyone to judge on their own. What @mark does and has been doing here for 11 years makes things like racism look like a children’s game. I have felt it’s full force and seen @seth take the full brunt of it in these halls. Just saying.  

Seth says
well i have observed that as well … but have not personally judged that “@mark mistrusts that which is different than him” … although i can certainly see how a person could expect that based upon reading this domain.   strange how people go by how you appear to them, rather than what might be in your heart, which they never do get to see, unless you show it to them yourself.

Si says
Fair enough. I personally think Mark has great goodness and understanding in his heart. I simply think that he is afraid to show it. Afraid to represent himself authentically to the world, and most of the time, even to himself.

Seth says

Seth says
incidentally this must be read into the record here.  if @mark would have preferred it stay private, that is too bad, it is my life too.   Both of us grew up in GW’s house where the concept of Thelmite and Troglidyte was dominant.  That meant to me as a child that those in the family were so very special and santified … and those on the outside that i met at school and in the market place were trogodytes (cave dwellers) and simply were not to be treated like our inner group.   It has taken me just about a life time to unlearn that from my bones.  Even as recently as this month,  dense said as much as,  “look at you, talking to people”.   I must admit, @mark, it feels so good to give all that up … i mean totally up … and be easy and real with other people.  And, yes, i know you are going to hate me for saying that to you … but it is my truth.

Si says

Si says
Yes. Remember, in my most formative years, I grew up in that same environment. And I have had plenty of that shit to discard my whole life too. And I am still doing it. Only a few days ago, someone close to me told me, in a moment of mutual dissonance, that sometimes I act as if most people are broken. But the journey has been worth it to me … in order to learn to leave this stuff behind, I had to learn a whole different way of perceiving and understanding the world that benefits me and adds value to my life, and the lives of others, to no end.  
SeriTD and facilitating your changes to your reality

Seth says

Mark de LA says
You never fucking understood it – even to this day. Been jousting most of that windmill in this blog as long as we have been talking here, Seth.  When you give up that is when you will make leaps in your progress somewhere if that is even a concept.
N on the other hand has to give up Mesmer.

Si says
What would it be like @mark, if you were so confident in what you are saying there, that you did not feel the need to say it with such venom and defense?

Seth says
@mark, it is not the conceptual understanding of troglodytes that makes the difference at all.  the  esoteric story is quite simple enough.  it was the learned attitude of heart that works so much better for me as it got unlearned.  Monkey see, monkey do … is a hard thing to trancend with those stories.  Now did i learn something from  GW that he did not intend me to learn … something that was not in his esoteric story … maybe.  Ask yourself,  did you learn that attitude too?

Mark de LA says
No venom – no defense – just assertion, @Navigator, same as your stuff. null You make up the venom. You make up the defense. 
Seth, what specifically did you learn? What the hell is the “attitude of heart” that you unlearned? 

Seth says
i learned that other people were somehow unclean, unworthy … no need to respect their lives.  i became a people watcher however … started in San Francisco after i ran away from home … slowly i learned it was not so.  i am still learning that.

Si says
Well @mark,

“You never fucking understood it”  ← that’s venom in anyone’s book.

The entire comment is defence of your position … if you were accepting of the points of views of others, it would be written very differently, not as a defensive statement.

Mark de LA says
WOW! I didn’t “learn” that one. Wonder how you “got” that one & I didn’t. null Got the special family thingy but that is a Mormon idea. null

Mark de LA says
Similar to your venom dear Navigator. Seth & I have been arguing this shit for years. I can cut to the chase faster leaving out the politically correct ass kissing the M$M & you use. Both of us are over 70 yrs old. null

Seth says
okay mark,  that may well have been just me … maybe i unlearned something that you never learned … i don’t know, can’t see inside you.  i do see you from the outside however and how you seem not to respect others … always ragging on them trying to be themselves.   maybe that is quite something else.  but it doesn’t matter … take this as just my story … not yours.   

Mark de LA says
yep – just your story – you guys might understand me better if you listen rather than stop listening half way as soon as you get something to say.  F2F that looks like interrupting or the M$M talking heads shows. 

Si says
When you start saying things @mark. Talking about things. Giving details of your point of view. Saying anything that is content instead of just shitting on things and defending your shitting … I will gladly listen.

You age has no bering on anything @mark. Your actions speak for themselves.

Mark de LA says
Same old @Navigator negativity – hypocrisy for an LOA acolyte! null

Seth says
my story of myself is just my story of myself … totally agreed.  

my story of you I  concocted to match what i observe you doing. 

there is no other way that i know about.

Si says

Seth says
fyi, @mark, i have noticed myself stopping reading your comments after the first insuslt.  i learned quite a bit ago to read past that because you frequently do bury the goodies deep in your message.  i think i mentioned that to you some time ago.   you might try putting the insults, snide jokes, or dialog fallacies  at the end of your message …. and isolated from it … maybe then your goodies will glean a bigger audience.  just saying.

Mark de LA says
You folks must rarely look in the mirror & see what you are attracting – see group law of attraction . I’ll leave it there. null

Mark de LA says
Same old Navigator negativity – hypocrisy for an LOA acolyte! null – can’t stand looking in the mirror , eh @Navigator? null

Seth says
strange how my errors seem to justify yours null

Mark de LA says
innuendo without substance seems to cause that comment,eh bozo?. put some meat on the bones or are we just in rwg mode?

Si says

Seth says
well when i point to an error you did,  then you point to an error i did in response … it sure seems to me that you are justifying your error by virtue of the one that i did.  yet the two errors are really quite independant of each other … and me thinks, should be talked about in separate contexts.

otherwise it is just school boy woofing … you’r mother’s ugly …. no your mother’s uglier. 

Mark de LA says
still no substance.   is there any?

Seth says
yes.  the substance is my analysis of the value of your  comment  it was just Tu quoque.

Mark de LA says
Your analysis is abstract – content free. Be specific in the context of this item. Contrary wise it is just rwg & a waste of time. Half life of interest fading fast – maybe wait for content or maybe not.  When I see a pile of abstractions & words pointing to the inside of Bozo I have a hard time reading through it. 

Seth says
the specific point is that whether me and nathan look in the mirror, has nothing whatsoever to do with our observations of what you do.   so your bringing it up in response to that context is a well studied behavior that even has a name, “Tu quoque”.

Mark de LA says
repetition boring – wish I could hide this entire item. 

Seth says
tis true !   continually hearing you doing Tu quoque is boooooring indeed!

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
thanks for setting an example!null

Seth says

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