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Mark de LA says ...
Multiple Egos not listening to each other. null  Babel reincarnated.

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Si says
I love this picture. I have had dreams of places like this. I have always wanted to build a machine that would allow a person to land on a balcony of such a structure, like a bird.   null

Mark de LA says
I think @seth you are closely aligning with GW’s phrase in Barbara Cubed below: Notice however that he is talking about logic & reasoning & not consciousness. To be found as within p.6 of the book at demonstration

null Furthermore consciousness is described more recently in P.2693 of the commentaries on the Yi King. Find it reiterated at 20401 .  
I can liken Yang to the left brain & Yin to the right brain but a study of the yiking & the table of fu-hsi sometimes reverses them in the English language sense.  Then too in RS’s ontology the various other bodies etheric, astral & ego alternate sex from the physical so reference depends upon which “world” one is talking about.

Mark de LA says
Trains of thought & trains of feeling/emotion behave & originate quite differently. Consciousness of the train in will/action/behavior sometimes looks like NLP & sometimes not.  Such train of will is an open area for investigation.

Seth says
well yes a symbol in the mind is a representation and lends “illitive force” to our thoughts.  without it we would in fact be “muddling in chaos”.  which does align will with my thesis that representing something changes my awareness of it.

i am not a fan of the idea that each particle in and of itslef isolated from all else has a property of consciousness.  to me consciousness is found in the relationship between things.  in a train of thought earlier this week with nathan i said words to the effect that,  “the identity of a thing does not exist in the thing itself … but rather in its relatioships to all else”.   a single globe, unobserved and unaffected by anything else, and not affecting anything else … does not have  any identity at all … it can not be identified.  notwistanding that i just imagined it.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Hmmm…. then what is a selfie defending all the time?  .. with the rwg?  if there is nothing there just an illusion. Who is doing the defending? Why bother?  & the thesis here is 3 “things” not listening, eh?  XOR 3 nothings not listening in the forest since nobody is there. null


Si says

Seth says
well I have many many relationships with other spirits or things.  i can well defend the boundary of what i am and what i am not.  i do not understand your question, @mark, or why you put all those assumptions in it.

Si says

Mark de LA says
Yep. nothing to understand with depends a lot on those boundaries eh?

Seth says
i can not answer your questions, i do not understand them.

Mark de LA says
They are mostly rhetorical .  If your Ego has boundaries which do not include the answers to some questions by your boundary statement above as to where you draw it then the answers will be outside. I suspect that is what you mean when you say you do not understand.

Seth says
thing is i never said “i was not here” or that i did not exist or “was just an illusion” … like you seemed to be assuming in your questions in  which asked, “what is a selfie defending all the time?  .. with the rwg?  if there is nothing there just an illusion. Who is doing the defending?”.   I am doing the defending.   Your question did not make any sense to me.

Mark de LA says
Kewl then you Ego is outside the answer. null

Si says
I simply take it in the light that Mark seems to see selfies, and all self-serving acknowledgment, as something to avoid and even a kind of rwg … he has indicated that in so many words throughout these pages.

Seth says
i think what mark did not read the ending part  of what i said about identity … let me say it differently.  i do not exist in and of myself,  rather i exist in relationship to all else that i am not.   Work it out mathmatically, you might see what i mean.

Si says
Yea, that’s the second time you brought up the relationship as existence thing. It’s interesting … don’t have a solid grasp on it yet. You should write a clear thought about it.  

Seth says
its more of a mathmatical thought than anything else.   Stems from my study of mentography.  Notice that a subject with no arrows from it, of to it, essentially does not exist within the system.  It is useless.  it means nothing.  there is nothing about it, nor is it about anything else.  

Also whatever we can say about that unrelated subject in a mental space, we could say about a similarly unrelated thing in 4 space. 

GW’s “every particle has consciousness” flys directly in the face of my assertion.

Mark de LA says
PR wrote a whole book The Book of Not Knowing – you folks are in the right place. He does suggest that you listen.  This 21412 is more about not listening.  I gather many ideas from many sources & speak about them in many contexts – written & oral & with videos etc. I am not constrained to use yours just because you do & may veer off in different directions if I find yours unworkable.  
null null null null

Seth says

Seth says
no problem with that @mark … that is what we all do.

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 21416

Mark de LA says
I also go directly to thought worlds sometimes bypassing piles of words of others in the other worlds.null

Seth says

SiriTD has taken away my gadgets on some of the comments which i have myself made.  for example, what if i wanted to fork or delete this comment that i made.

Si says
Not actually @seth. Just mouse over the spot. It’s becoming more like the FB model and removes a lot of clutter from dialog.

Seth says

Si says
… also supports the new “thought like” system better.

Seth says
i have thought for some time now that there should be only one menu of gadgets on each comment … not one at the top and some at the bottom and the edit pen even outside it.   i think that would simplify and deconfuse the comment system dramatically and eliminate lots of errant clicks.

and a hidden menue is an absurbity and very hard to learn that it is there.  one has to be told like i was.

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 21417

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