News is old news, or is it?

The news is now only showing comments for thoughts you are subscribed to, and new thoughts.

You all may not notice much difference since you all pretty much subscribe to everything said here … so anyway, we’ll see how it goes.  

There is not an unsubscribe yet … though in theory one could unsubscribe by removing (not hiding, but actually deleting) all their comments and likes from a thought … that should do it. Or if you don’t want to see comments for a thought, never like or comment on it.  

First draft of news subscription points:

         1. Select all new thoughts.
         2. Select all comments for those thoughts that I have liked or commented on.
         3. Filter out deleted comments.
         4. Filter out thoughts that are private to me or draft or muffled.
         5. Filter admin groups.
         6. Hidden comments are filtered in the client so they can be reviewed as desired.


Si says

Seth says

Si says
Hummm … there is a virus in the woodpile somewhere. I was running a test news query and it had the date sort order wrong and when the content got displayed in the news from some comment, or thought, in the first 200 found, it triggered a never ending cascade of loading shit from hundreds of sites … totally locking down the browser.

Seth says
sounds similar to the virus i had some time ago here which went away after i cleaned it off my local computer.

Seth says
might also be interesting to allow subscription to tag rooms … for example i know you like sriracha.

Si says
Identical results but 20% faster from this query using EXISTS on a subquery instead of INNER JOIN
(modified 8/29 to greatly improve speed when there are no or few new items)

// This query uses EXISTS on a subquery to filter to my comments (20% faster than INNER JOIN)
"SELECT DISTINCT x.*,IF(v.title <> โ€™โ€™, v.title, v.titleabout) as `label` FROM `posts` AS v ".
"SELECT * FROM ((" .
    "id," .
    "0 as commentId," .
    "authorId," .
    "groupId," .
    "author," .
    "`group`," .
    "content," .
    "`date`," .
    "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(date) as dateTm," .
    "โ€™pโ€™ as type," .
    "0 as hidden," .
    "0 as parentId " .
"FROM posts AS p " .
"WHERE date > $date AND silent = 0 " .
") UNION ALL (" .
    "id," .
    "commentId," .
    "authorId," .
    "groupId," .
    "author," .
    "itemgroup as `group`," .
    "comment as content," .
    "modified as date," .
    "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(modified) as dateTm," .
    "type," .
    "hidden," .
    "parentId " .
"FROM comments AS c " .
"WHERE modified > $date AND deleted = 0 " .
")) AS r " . // The union
") AS x " . // First inner join
"ON = " .

"WHERE " .
" > $date " .

// not private or I can access by group password
"AND (v.status <> โ€™privateโ€™ OR v.groupId IN ($groups)) " .
"AND;lent = 0 " .
"AND v.status <> โ€™muffleโ€™ " .
"AND v.groupId NOT IN (1) " .
"AND (x.type = โ€™pโ€™ OR EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM comments WHERE id = AND authorId = " . $_SESSION[โ€™useridโ€™] . " AND deleted = 0 LIMIT 1)) " .
"ORDER BY DESC LIMIT $sqlStartIdx, $sqlBlock "


Si says
A tag room is really just the tag itself. So changes in a tag room would really be when someone adds or modifies a tag. That would mean there would be news entries for every time someone modified a tag you were interested in.

Clearly it would need to be subscription, for I would certainly not want to be notified every time someone (especially a prolific tagger like you @seth) added a tag. It would be something like “liking” a tag room that would add that tag to your personal list of watched tags.

Seth says
a tag room is is the thing … the tag is just the means of putting things in a room.  the same exact kind of thing that happens when somebody puta a comment on a item to whcih one is subscribed to.

Si says
I am not sure what you are saying. There is no such “thing” as a tag room. There are only tags. Tag rooms are just a virtual display of a physical tag(s). So I don’t understand why you make the distinction above. A change to a tag room is simply just someone adding or removing that tag somewhere.

Seth says
well it is true that to change a tag room, a person adds a tag to an thought. 

the tag room is a collection … like a bag of cherries … it exists … and its existence is the reason why people tag thoughts.   the tag room, the collection, is the important thing … not the tag.   We are collecting cherries in a bag … not just marking cherries.   It is having the bag of cherries that is our intention … not having cherries all over the place with marks upon them.  

i think that is a little fine point that people miss. 

Si says
All that “exists” are tags in the database. There are no bags there. The bag is entirely virtual, it does not exist. In the real world it would be imagining a container around a particular bunch of cherries, there would be no actual container there … at best you could only draw a line in the air with your hand where you wanted the virtual container.

Not that this reality makes a difference to being able to subscribe to a tag or a tag room (which always will be the same thing in the reality of the system, subscribing to a tag) … but I totally don’t get what “marking cherries” would be at all, virtually or literally? How do you “mark a tag”?  

Seth says
the point is that we tag thoughts so that we can look at them together in a collection  … like having a bunch of cherries in a bag.   not so that we can examine cherries all over the place and see that some are marked with a some particular tag and some are not.   the tag room … that collection of thoughts … that is useful … not the tag itself.   the tag itself is just a means to an end of having a tag room. 

it is the same as collecting thought in a group room.  we put them there so that we can look at them together.  they form a context together. 

if you are interested in sriracha … you should be able to subscribe to the sriracha room,  then anything anybody puts in that bag, you will be notified about it. 

Si says
Well I agree with the “what” would need to be done. i.e. you would subscribe to a “tag” and any changes to that “tag” would appear in your news feed … even if your wording in the feed used the label “tag room” the mechanics would be the same.

As to your thinking about tags and tag rooms, it seems like a lot of over thinking about a very simple thing.  

Seth says
this news is not clicking up to what is showing here

← ok these are correct afterall
i didnt notice that it was just mark’s like that was being reported, not my comment.  seems like it should say that mark liked seth’s comment. 

but there was a comment by mark that showed up and disappeard … maybe he deleted his own comment or moved it so somewhere i am not subscribed.  so where is mark’s comment “knee-jerking missed joke” … which i did not null

and he hid (or deleted) my tag from me … i din’t think SiriTD allowed him to do that … so now i’ll go back and just delete all of his bam tags null

Si says
Well he did remove the knee-jerk thing. I saw it go too.

The tag editor doesn’t let him delete it (due to the solid CSS gadget rules) … but there appears to be a hole in the tag box !tag syntax that he utilized. I love CSS rules, they are so easy to write and are rock solid. Coded rules are much more finicky!

Seth says

Si says
Now it says that (but lower) if the parent comment is also in the news stream. If not, like near the end of news, then it will only say comment – <the parent comment id> instead because the parent comment has to be available to get it’s content and author.

Here is how it looks now.

Si says
BTW @seth, it would be good to move this off topic thread, that you own, off this thought.  
Also, the holes are probably fixed.

Seth says
yes definitely @nathan,  maybe it goes better here.

Si says