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Leaked Soros Doc Calls For Regulating Web To Favor ’Open Society’ Supporters...


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Mark de LA says
Deregulation would be more open society than the opposite.  Maybe blackball those who collude to deprive.null

Si says
I haven’t heard Trumps take on the internet, but in general, Trump seems to be for more regulation … i.e. protection. What is your idea about Trumps take on this?

Mark de LA says
IDK – I disagree that he is pro regulation – just the opposite!  He is a business man which is usually anti-regulation & free trade.  Liberals are the people who want to regulate.  Obama initiated literally tons of regulations in the last 7.x years.

Si says
Well, he wants to regulate immigration, both from Mexico, and from Arabic countries, right?

And he says things like “In this race for the White House, I am the law and order candidate,”.


Law and order implies rules and regulations does it not?

Si says
Also remember, J. P. Morgan was one of the major players in preventing Tesla’s free energy and other amazing devices from going into public production. He was also one of the strongest instigator’s of keeping us all in the energy-power-resource “dark ages” for the last 100 years with his policies and influences upon education and science at the college level. And even though he avidly used LOA himself, he set up policies that greatly slowed it’s dissemination to the masses. He did all this because these advances were “bad for business” and also because he believed that the country should be ruled by the elite and knowledgeable … the “class of reason and order”.

Sound like anyone you know of?

Mark de LA says
Law & order means enforcing the laws that are already on the books or get them repealed by the U.S. Congress. The failure of Obamacare points to the latter.  The president swears to uphold & defend the constitution (meaning the laws of the land). 

Mark de LA says
Nope – shove innuendo up the dark ages orifices you speak of. null  threefoldness would never evolve to such a thingy. 

Si says
… and if you had an agenda and a vested interest in laws and regulations supporting “good business for you”, and “putting your chosen crowd of people into power”, what would you say to the public? What would get them to elect you?

Si says
I really don’t know what that means. You don’t talk about threefoldness details in our discussions, you only point to it when you want to bash the things I say. Why don’t you bring it out and authentically discuss it in the contexts we are exploring? How does it work here in this context? What mechanisms underlie it in this context? And what process would it bring to the table to improve things?

Mark de LA says
I don’t respond to cunts that accuse me of bashing – use other words if you want to attract a real answer.  I have written about threefolding for the last 10 years or more here.  Maybe talk to Seth or channel RS.  BTW, RS wrote lots about the threefold social organism.  One of the things he did not write about was the institutions which might implement. His was about the principles & spiritual being at the core of it all – evolutionary.

Si says
Okay cool. With more than 10 years experience with it you must have a solid grasp of it. If you work it’s concepts into our dialogs in the way that feels most intuitive to you at the moment, then things like the institutions which threefoldness might implement, will start flowing through your fingers and your words. You will become a path for that to come in … and personally I would find that quite interesting!  

Mark de LA says
I have spoken a lot on making the economic part independent of government so that it flows like the blood system of the human body. I suspect that would be the greatest gene of a new DNA for the body social. I suspect something like a more universal bitcoin/block chain to handle value exchanges between smaller parts of the body is a step. Something that can’t be ruined by crony governments. We are not speaking of a party platform that pretends to have all the answers for winning one election.  I still suggest reading what you can glean of stuff I already wrote. 

Si says
Okay, I can lean in that direction of understanding. Thank you.

I do read lots of your stuff when I come across it. I don’t have time or desire to just go out reading all your stuff like it was a book.

But if you start talking in the concepts that you admire and desire, like I talk in the ones I do, then I will quickly catch up. Nearly everything we talk about here at FBI should be able to have a voice in the threefoldness model. You can be the voice since this model is at the for front of your awareness and desire.  

Mark de LA says

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