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Navigator says ...
Like most RS stuff it is big and steeped heavily in the needs of the time period he was alive in … so to give any simple words would not be justice, rather some specific part could be translated into the present and applied to a now issue if desired.

One little thing jumped out though, where he says

Nobody will doubt that one would injure a person if one throws a stone at their head, but that it is much worse to send towards a man a feeling of hate, that this hurts the soul of a man much more than a stone hurts the body, this does not enter the mind

…. which is exactly what I have been saying as derived from LOA. As I have said many times, LOA is the same stuff, just refactored for our current times … and if RS were alive today he would be speaking so similarly to Abraham one would hardly tell the difference if at all.

Also, this same quote is a partial answer to @sethโ€™s ponder yesterday about my saying that to hurt another is to hurt oneself. It is a stepping stone on that path of ideas.  


Si says

Seth says
Well we each have representations of others inside ourselves.  Were we to believe that those mere representations are the real others, then if we hurt those, then we hurt ourselves.  

But me, i like to be direct … i do not believe that my representation of you is you … no, it is just my representation of you.  Believing otherwise would be to make the classic error of reifying the map over the territory.  If i hurt you, i hurt you and not my representation of you.  By empathy, however, i will feel the hurt myself. 

Si says
So before going any further, are you saying that you do not agree with Steiner? Most of what you said is using LOA terminology so it is hard to tell what you think about what Steiner said.  

Seth says
i see no contradiction between what i just said, and what you quoted form Steiner.   What Steiner said is true.

i would, however, need to read a bit more of Steiner’s context … what he is saying with his ending phrase, “this does not enter the mind” , could be interpreted different ways.  I interpreted it as Steiner saying that we don’t realize that sending hate hurts the other’s soul … but it does.  That does not contradict my belief as stated above. 

Vibration models the situation nicely.   Hate always hurts the hater ← but that is kind of a change of topic.  If i heard a vibration of hate from you, it would hurt me ← that is another truth to include in the context.  This is simple even using a vibration model … i seen no reason to complicated it by confusing representations with the things represented.

Seth says