I’m not sure where Bashar (as channeled by Darryl Anka….. ) fits into the LOA ensemble.
Sounds like some of the stuff Art Bell did on Coast to Coast AM Radio
Sounds a bit like Esther Hicks did in the beginning when she still was into Seth Speaks stuff sounding like she was in a seance. 


Si says
Bashar gives coverage to a much wider realm of things than Abraham does. And as with Abraham, Bashar’s earlier interactions are much more rugged.

To really understand Bashar’s complete message, which does include LOA quite directly, you would need to listen to many tubes … and make sure a lot of those are in the last few years. Both Abraham’s and Bashar’s messages evolve as the influence they are providing expand and change us … as we become more aware and able to understand, they adapt the maps they are providing to be more useful.

All of these messages are only maps and can only contain the symbols we can currently understand.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
maps are only as good as the cartographer & the fidelity/correspondence to something real – a book I read once showed a study that people have very detailed maps of their own city address but, expanding outward from their neighborhood things get less & less detailed until they run into pure fiction & even bad information & sometimes dangerous consequences