About: a candidate's death could delay or eliminate the presidential election | us news

null I wonder why this article showed up this AM. Is it a subtle meme to encourage something happening?
I wonder if Homeland Security is on top of it – not just the election mechanics.  Is America as we know it in a spiral to nowhere? null


Seth says
yeah might be.   last night when i heard that Trump was going to be meeting with the president of Mexico, i wrote the story that he would be assinated there.   we are in a whole new ball game with Trump on this election.  we will see what happens!

Mark de LA says
I like that Trump will upset the apple cart.  OTOH, a wholesale composting of the entire manure pile may be a bit extreme; cloward-pivin & community organizing & the rules for radicals notwithstanding. null

Mark de LA says
It is not lost that Homeland Security is under the control of the current regime!  Fair elections in 9000 precincts – how does that workout?null