Egoo to the Max

About: urban dictionary: dissed

Diss’n Creates wars in the ghettos (not to be confused with Nazi Germany), but the hood in silos of people – the inner cities. 
A false Ego needs to protect itself from perceived dissonance or put downs to maintain its illusion of power over others. Survival mechanisms prevail – see Darwin. See also PR – BofNK on the subject of Anger. 

newComments below are just more ghetto graffiti. Ignoring them. Eventually there will be no more space.


Si says
Yes. That’s exactly what I am saying. Please don’t diss and hate in your comments. Your ideas are welcome wholeheartedly no matter what they are!  

Si says
Hummm. Hey Seth, another one of those 3 + prime boz’s with an interesting root thought under the prime. What does it mean?

Mark de LA says
Not even close to what I’m saying. Just continued your already-always RWG null Throwing in your own hate word accusation for effect! 

Si says