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Sci Channel Season 7/1 – THe first part goes over the WE/I thingy in relationship to terrorism. THere are lots of other things in this one that make it well worth it.  Worth a good perusal.  The last “solution” I am very skeptical of. 
Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman  

What Makes a Terrorist?


Si says
I have no interest in making a terrorist.

Seth says
so does this come on the SciFi channel … what time?

Mark de LA says
Check your local stations.  If you have Xfinity it is “on demand” .  I saw it last night while watching the on demand version which was free of commercials since it was an earlier version of what was playing at the time. 
Some of the psychological experiments should be taken with a grain of salt. If you don’t think so then maybe it would be interesting to discuss them here. Remember that the science channel also has its own bias as well, but it has more interesting stuff than most of the other commercial ones. 
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