Pure Politics - Never Hillary

Does memory problems make her qualified to be president? 
Does Bernie Sanders have the same problems? 
Is a disabled president the best demographic the democrat party could find for the job?


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Seth says
Well yes certainly that is the Repubican/Trump story as selected and filtered by a right wing aggregator.  I am sure most of the American people have heard it by now.   To whom it already resonates, it will continue to do so and will get even worse as the election approaches.  The other side is no longer listening.  There are more of us.ill

i once predicted that Trump would win … but now i don’t see how his numbers can possibly add up  in the electoral college … unless something pretty dramatic happens. 

Mark de LA says
Your response triggers an idea for an AI app for fbi if not twitter/facebook & others & that is an app which responds to anything political as:


saves time & thought – artificial ignorance (AI) – oooops! (already exists)

Image result for thats your story & you are sticking to it meme

Seth says
well knowing that there are propagandists spinning stories on both sides, does kind of indicate to me that there is no point in listening deeply … like i listen to people here.   but i do listen anyway … in this cycle just vicariously for the entertainment value …. like playing a movie into my senses ← wait a moment, that is what the TV is doing null

Mark de LA says

Seth says
this also has a different spin …. http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/fbi-releases-anticipated-documents-heart-hillary-clinton-probe/story?id=41822909

Mark de LA says
That’s been her story all along. I still wouldn’t trust her with the running of a lemonade stand. null

Mark de LA says
Here’s the thing about classified information – there is very strict handling required. As the definitions of such contain language about “damage to the US” if released tighter control requires more security. I once had to smash magtapes in a vault to ensure they were destroyed in order to give them to the people who would burn them or some other final solution.  Paper material was first shreded then turned into paper mache with water & a grinder.  With email it is tricky. With the standard Internet it is almost impossible. 
Another thing about memory – one remembers things which are important, make an emotional effect on one, have consequences for which one is truly responsible for etc. Notice the things in our lives which we remember.  Curious how this cheng hsin exercise showed up in facebook this AM. 
For one who is into globalism, like Obama & Hillary classified correspondance is probably just a pain in the ass to handle since they probably don’t believe in secrets from other countries.  What I am more interested in is how much got paid into the Clinton Foundation by foreigners, when, why & what is the quid-pro-quo associated.  

Seth says
And here is some information that may (or may not null) shake you faith in Fox news being fair and balanced.  http://www.npr.org/2016/09/02/492443262/allegations-reveal-how-roger-ailes-ran-fox-news-by-projecting-power

this shit goes on and on and on … we been here before back in 2006 – 2012 … spin is spin … story is story in the drama comming through the media  … me, i look for real edges closer to home … ones with which i can personally interact to experience this consciousness. 

Seth says
then too you can read the Huffington Post … this is a shit fight … wipe as much shit on the others face as you can …

Can you run a government that way null

Neither stands for me … and i stand for neither.  Leave me out of it.   But i will tell you one thing, i will not vote for Trump.

Who will you vote for?

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Not all sides of an argument are equal. Both ends of a shit fight are not equal. I am looking for a massive change to get rid of crony government. Hillary is the same as it ever was liberal socialist actor in the game. It doesn’t matter who opposes her. A 3rd party would be nice but the ones running are just disaffected x-2 party candidates from the past. No change there. All we can do is wait & see & watch the moose-turd pies fly. 

Seth says
You did not believe in Obama’s change.   And you were right,  he did not deliver any promised change in government.    Do you now believe that Trump’s will change the government to your liking?  Why, because he says that he will nullnull

Mark de LA says
Too many seminars to answer that. I don’t particularly believe in change except as the Yi King articulates. Change is just stirring the pot of soup. Transformation of the social organism is what I want. Keep baiting me on Trump, but it is a secret ballot in the US so far & I’ll keep you guessing. 

Seth says
I don’t care how you vote.  But knowing that you refuse to take a public stand makes me mistrust the  heft of your words.

Seth says
incidentally,  “transformation of the social organism”, will not be done by any president of the united states whatsoever.  mungeing that in here is, to me, a category error.

Si says

“I am looking for a massive change to get rid of crony government.”

There is one simple thing that will change this. One thing that will both give you hope and surface actual change. That is changing your story. You keep telling the same story, to yourself, to others … so the experience remains the same.

Mark de LA says
I don’t give a shit about that.

Mark de LA says
Image result for thats your story & you are sticking to it memenull 

Si says

Mark de LA says
Image result for thats your story & you are sticking to it meme Yours is the same too. null

Si says

Si says
I am happy you understand the concept so clearly Mark de LA

He was an awesome force wasn’t he? Gene Wilder expanded the imagination, and stories, and added color to the lives of several generations and more yet to come. Talk about social change? He was one of the greats of our time! I love him and what he accomplished.  

Fair well dear friend. Your incredible movies, and the many ways they changed my personal story, will live in my heart, and my visions of a joyful world, forever.

http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/30/movies/gene-wilder-dead.html?_r=0 .

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
More disturbing highly classified info handled by Sid Blumenthal:

Si says
#Mmmmmm  Now this is the side of Hillary that I #love. If it were not for her deep dark side, I would vote for her because of this stuff … it goes toward good character. But as it is, I want this kind of stuff to #doHerIn because I would rather not witness her dark side for the next 4 years. Not that it would really make any difference to the country, but simply don’t want to bear witness to it. Similar feelings about Trump … it’s not him, it’s what I will have to listen to about him.

Mark de LA says
#hashturds or #makehashturdsup are interesting. Nothing like ming in purpose or as you describe associated with #GW – look to the S.’.S.’.S.’. for the #clues 

Si says
As Seth has noted Mark de LA, most of your actual #hashtag’s should be !#bamtag’s because they are verbs, not subjects or objects. Your #clues tag is an excellent example of what should be a !#bamtag. But they are not here yet, so I won’t #tagPolice you yet!  

Mark de LA says
#Whatever – will be interesting when the #userpool exceeds 3.  & #feedback is from people who do not know us personally. null

Seth says
well we all have a  #DarkSide … what do you know of #Hillary’s that is not just gossip?  … is it just that she is a flake with  keeping secrets.  shucks, let me in there and i will let it all hang out … that is not my #DarkSide that is just me not needing that barrier.   Now #Trump on the other hand … he wears his #DarkSide on his face … disgusting that it may be to all not so afflicted with that #Uglyness null …. you want gossip … me gives you #gossip … direct from my own mouth authentically.

Si says
So does Hillary. No diff there.

Mark de LA says
I call Seth & Navigator the #mungebrothers since you folks munge distinctions & differences into generalizations which eventually mean nothing & are so general as to be useless – particularly in the political domain. None of you has direct contact with the candidates & so all you say is #gossip by #yourOwnDefinitions or #M$M news & your own #pellick spin.  Enjoy the flow. 
#TILT ( or #tilt ) on: (maybe someday you will see the lighthouse & avoid the rocks nullnull)

Si says
Fair enough. I have no interest in politics anyway. Not exciting. Other people come here for that experience.  

Seth says
well Mark de LA, gossip is gossip no matter who does it or who repeats it.  what goes peculiarly #tilt for me is that you attack the other gossipers rather that the possipee.  that tells me that something entirely different is happening over there. 

Si says

Si says
Yea Mark de LA, why do you always strike out and attack anyway? What’s up with that? Do you have a deep seated feeling of unworthiness?  

Mark de LA says
I don’t always do anything #mungebrothers .null

Mark de LA says
no interest Navigator ? null why are you still talking?

Mark de LA says
Politics is the domain that will eventually serve up or transform into threefolding .  I wrote my first paper on the Utopia of Thomas Moore in jr. high school.   It has been an interest of mine for a long time. I was never interested in being a politician though. etc. If you folks don’t like it don’t comment on it. Even RS was into it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_threefolding#Works_by_Rudolf_Steiner 

Seth says
isn’t governmental politics just one of the elements of a #threefolding society?  Politics should not be involved with spirit-art-education, or with economics, but rather with rights.  Maybe i got that wrong, you can correct me, but one thing i know is that politics should not be involved with those other parts of our society … i thought we had already seen #eyeToEye on that.

Mark de LA says
politicshttp://www.etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=politics – affairs of state (via Aristotle) is as of this minute a munge of stuff covering all kinds of stuff: economics, justice, laws, wars, social welfare & obama added the healthcare system …. it is expanding until, like Chicoms, it covers all of life.  The social organism needs to separate out, much like the human body, into well defined areas independent of central control functioning in freedom (perhaps a synergy of individualism) – a purpose of this stop by of humans on their journey through the Cosmos on the Earth.
see also the derivation of the word Republic. (affairs or matters of the people) – maybe even  read Plato’s Republic.

Mark de LA says

Seth says

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 21499

Mark de LA says
2 movies I watched recently, one the series Billions (Showtime via Amazon) had this song in them. The series Billions shows making money on money (hedge funds) & the law as extreme perversions & a lot of other things, but for me extremely entertaining. thumbs up

Seth says
you don’t mean this one, do you?

Mark de LA says
Nope – this one https://www.amazon.com/Billions-Pilot/dp/B019ZV03N8/ref=sr_1_1?s=instant-video&ie=UTF8&qid=1473265229&sr=1-1&keywords=billions 

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Interesting take on Hillary wearing an earpiece during a forum
“she can’t even lie without help”
http://www.infowars.com/was-hillary-wearing-an-earpiece-during-last-nights-presidential-forum/ null

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